Parenting Press Offers Childcare Guidance to Parents and Teachers

Parenting Press Offers Childcare Guidance to Parents and Teachers

Tantrums? Toilet training? Teaching toddlers to share? You'll find easy-to-read advice, weekly tips, a monthly newsletter and all sorts of books for kids and adults at Plus complimentary downloadables like "Expressing Emotions," the how-to-draw script and handout that's ideal for children's events and circle time. And if you're creating a newsletter or parenting column, almost everything on the Parenting Press website is available for reprinting.

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News for Parents. This monthly is available via email and online. No charge, no ads, no sharing of your address with anyone else. Reviews of books on important topics, like the symptoms of autism and handling kids' anger, how-to's for simple craft projects, ideas for vacation and after-school activities. We really read and try everything we recommend.

Weekly Parenting Tips. Got questions about helping kids adjust to a move? Explaining the death of a pet? Avoiding predators? We've got answers. Available via email (reply to this email with "tips" in your subject line) and online.

Teacher Guides. Detailed guides with activity how-to's and how the books and activities align with the Common Core State Standards. When you purchase 20 copies of a title at the same time, you'll receive a complimentary download of the related teacher guide (a $5 value) when you submit your receipt

Got a biter? Lots of help in Parenting Press book

"Manage a biter" is the title of Pregnancy and Newborn magazine's interview with Lisa Poelle, author of The Biting Solution: The Expert's No-Biting Guide for Parents, Caregivers and Early Childhood Educators.

A feature of the May issue (see page 26), the article quotes Poelle as saying that biting is often a toddler's "go-to" response to any stress. She goes on to provide several suggestions for handling tots who bite.

Library Journal also offers a rave review of The Biting Solution:

"Earnestly recommended. . .Poelle has a wealth of professional early childhood education experience that she brings to this topic, and here she gives parents and educators a step-by-step look at the biting tendency: what is normal child development, why some children bite, case studies of biters, and forms and worksheets for progressing through the problem.

"VERDICT: Child-care workers, parents, and colleges and universities with early childhood development programs will all benefit from this text. A timely and underrepresented contribution to the literature. Poelle should be commended for providing solid solutions to what feels like the 'crime of the century' in parenting."

For details about the book, see Copies are available through your favorite local bookstore, online retailer, wholesalers and the Parenting Press distributor, IPG, Regular retail price: $13.95.

Helping Children with Their Feelings:
Activities & Games for All Kinds of Kids

Forthcoming: How to help children recognize, express and manage their emotions is outlined in this concise guide, which offers a special emphasis on those children with learning challenges related to autism, ADHD, sensory issues or developmental delays.

Written for parents, teachers and early childhood professionals, Helping Children with Their Feelings provides practical information for those who help children better understand their feelings and those of others, information that creates the foundation for success in school and with friends.

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