Obama's Neuroscience Research Funding and the Relevance of UNDERMIND

The Obama administration may soon pour billions of dollars into neuroscience research and brain mapping efforts such as the Human Connectome Project. Meanwhile, authors Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros believe they have already cracked the key patterns of connected unconscious thoughtand how these patterns affect the human psyche, create or prevent disease, and define self-image.

Their exhaustively researched new book, UNDERMIND, from Indigo River Publishing, purports to unveil 7 subconscious beliefs that sabotage people`s lives and to reveal the brain`s blueprint for success or failure.

According to Chernova, "We have already proven how neuronal patterns reveal subconscious memories, pictures, behaviors, addictions, as well as programs for disease. In UNDERMIND, readers will learn, in easy to understand concepts, how to uncover their own erroneous neuronal programs and the source of their actions and choices, including their patterns of self-sabotage."

Andros says, "Neuronal programs can be wired for success, failure, or disease. In UNDERMIND, there is already a groundbreaking new approach and solution to help people resolve and heal their issues, and to understand their brain and the workings of their mind at a whole new level.``<

This approach involves Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy or PNRT, developed by Andros, which is a means of "reprogramming" negative and limiting beliefs of the subconscious mind. The therapy is finding increasing support among psychologists.

According to clinical psychologist and ardent advocate Dr. Sharleen McDowall, "This approach is a very unique and effective method to help individuals resolve their unconscious dysfunctional core beliefs. I believe the wisdom from these passionate teachers will be the turning point in (the lives of readers)."

For more information about UNDERMIND, visit http://www.indigoriverpublishing.com. For more information about Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros, visit http://www.pnrt.ca.

Indigo River Publishing is located in Pensacola, Florida.