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New Design Book Some Like It HOT Is a Visual Masterpiece and Offers a...

New Design Book Some Like It HOT Is a Visual Masterpiece and Offers a... Publisher benton buckley books announces the release of the hardcover book "Some Like It HOT". The illuminating 272-page book features wisdom and inspiration from 30 internationally acclaimed interior designers, who are uniquely introduced in both professional and personal contexts.

The book’s photographs are exquisite. More than 220 vibrant color images capture completed rooms and show a range of décor styles, from fresh takes on traditional to modern to “uniquely Florida.” The editorial is eloquent, presenting personal anecdotes, complex philosophies, and expert opinions in an approachable manner that appeals to readers of varying levels of interest. Words of wisdom leap off the pages to boldly anchor each chapter.

Contributing designers range from global sensations such as Fanny Haim, Sam Robin, Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque, Jennifer Garrigues, and Todd Davis & Rob Brown to creative souls like Robert Rionda, Sharron Lannan, and Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis. Exceptional designers Amy Herman, Amy Kelly, Anil Kakar, Brianna Michelle, David L. Smith, Deborah Wecselman, Debra Butler, Eve Glass Beres, Jonathan Parks, Juan Poggi, Judith Liegeois, Kurt Dannwolf & Lachmee Chin, Laura Martzell, Leili Fatemi, Margarita & Cristina Courtney, Pamela Iannacio, Phil Kean, Robert Zemnickis, Sandra Diaz-Velasco, Sarah Zohar, Susan Lovelace and Whitney Bloom divulge their philosophies about style and taste through insider tips and accessible advice, covering everything from how to best begin a project to how to select just the right finishing touch. Many have designed residential spaces for celebrities, dignitaries, politicians, and titans of business, yet each approaches his or her process with a method that is unique to their talent. Several are award-winners, having collected some of their industry’s most impressive titles. But all are artists, drawing on personal and professional experience to consistently deliver environments that perfectly capture their clients’ hopes and wishes.

"Gathering Florida’s top design professionals has been akin to curating a gallery," says principal publisher Beth Buckley, "carefully selecting talent and exhibiting their work within the pages of this permanent collection." With each internationally recognized designer who fills the pages, their reach is expanded and deepened. It is awe-inspiring to see such diversity and talent in one compilation, and even more amazing to realize their work and philosophies will exist to spark creativity for years to come. Find out who uses their leisure time to travel the country in a restored Airstream trailer; who feels most at home with a house full of friends and family; who grew up overseas; who finds solace at the beach; and who has been rearranging her mother’s furniture since she was tiny. Art, classical architecture, music, travel, food, pop culture, fashion—the list of inspirations goes on and on. Discover how these cultural interests, experiences, and worldviews weave their way into the designers’ fascinating philosophies on décor and style.

How these talented men and women approach their designs is as fascinating as the end results. As you explore the inspired pages of "Some Like It HOT", you’ll appreciate multiple perspectives on what is the best way to approach a new project, where inspiration is most commonly hiding, and how to handle unexpected hiccups in both time and budget. Learn what most designers wish their clients knew about the process, and what they would change about their profession if only they could “wave a magic wand.”

The featured designers are all based in Florida, from Miami and South Beach to Central Florida and the Panhandle, but many possess histories and cultures that crisscross the globe. Whether you are seeking someone to complete your next major project or searching for a spark of creativity for your own home, "Some Like It HOT" has plenty of inspiration as you immerse yourself in the world of beautiful interior design.

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