New Book Looks Inside a Love Affair with Miles Davis

New Book Looks Inside a Love Affair with Miles Davis

A chance encounter with a married MiLes Davis led to the love affair of Jo Gelbard's life.

In her new memoir, Miles and Jo, she offers an intimate account that details the seven years she spent with the jazz legend.

The book outlines their personal relationship, the creative process that guided the art and music of Davis and his emotions and thoughts at the end of his life.

Additionally, the story outlines love in its most painful and exhilarating form, which pertains to all people, regardless of age, nationality, color and gender.

"I want the public to understand how Miles cherished creativity, encouraged accomplishment and needed to be loved," Gelbard says. "His anger and violence were a result of racism and his torment led to a false persona in the public."

The novel takes readers on an intricate look at their time spent together and their unique love story.

Miles and Jo
By Jo Gelbard
Hardcover $27.99, 978-1-47728-955-6
Softcover $16.95, 978-1-47728-957-0
E-book $9.99, 978-1-47728-956-3
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About the author
Jo Gelbard is a painter whose collaborative work with MiLes Davis has been exhibited worldwide, including in the Whitney Museum Biennale, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and at Musee de la Musique, France. Alongside their collaborative installations, her solo work has been shown in Paris, Rotterdam, and London. She is a mother and grandmother, and lives in New York City.