NY Author Pens Memoir Calling For New Dialogue On Police Shootings

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Wayne Reid and Judge Charles D. Gill today announced, "Death by Cop: A Call for Unity!" that will seek to connect a community of readers with a message of positivity and togetherness. Reid, a self-published author, intends to open a positive dialogue around police and community relations by trying to remove the color of skin as basis for this topical conversation. This book will attempt to transform the conversation around law enforcement relations and bring the world closer through reading and discovery.

Reid's first book is available for order on Barnes and Noble.com, Amazon.com and Audible. Reid and Gill will join in interviews to raise awareness including a book signing at The Hickory Stick Bookshop (Washington Depot, Connecticut). The book launches at a critical moment in the culture of activism, elevating a platform for diversity of thought on race while leaving an enduring message about Reid's personal story regarding his brother.

Forty-one seconds. That's how long Officer Scott Smith and Franklyn Reid knew each other before Reid ended up dead with a bullet in his back in December 1998. Individual stories might differ, but we're always left with the same question - How can we reduce unwarranted police civilian shootings?

"Life is a journey, to resolve divisive issues, we must view incidents as right vs. wrong, instead of black vs white. All sides must listen, learn and act," said Wayne Reid. "To call for unity, we must be willing to hear all sides with open hearts and minds. We must be open to facts without pre-judgements, or biases of any kind."

"Few of us here would want to be in the shoes of a police officer in America," said Judge Gill. "Our police need more training, more community support and more understanding. Those who believe the policeman is always wrong in such confrontational situations are susceptible to the same errors and the same perils of a closed mind as those who believe the policeman is always right."

In 2014, Wayne Reid embarked on a journey to revisit the controversial event involving his brother. He discovered amazing connections which piqued his desire to explore an uncommon path. His mission centered on the ways to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community members. Reid's perspective was if America could shift their thinking to judge the actions and results of cases like his brother's and deemphasized the color of one's skin than perhaps future tragedies could be avoided.

Reid's entertainment platform was formed in 2014 to focus on raising the issues of social justice, police and community relations and putting fact discovery ahead of race when evaluating racially divisive cases.

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