NBC Publishing Releases David Phillips' eBook LIBERATING KOSOVO


NBC Publishing today released its newest enhanced eBook, LIBERATING KOSOVO: COERCIVE DIPLOMACY AND US INTERVENTION by David L. Phillips. LIBERATING KOSOVO is a contemporary history of statecraft, negotiation and U.S. diplomacy, chronicling Slobodan Milosevic's rise to power and the events which led to the fall of Yugoslavia. Drawing on his experience as a diplomat and public intellectual, Phillips offers a compelling account of the negotiations and military actions that culminated in Kosovo's independence, and provides insights that are relevant today in conflict and post-conflict regions throughout the world.

This enhanced edition eBook from NBC Publishing features a special video introduction by NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw, as well as dozens of photos and more than an hour of illuminating video from the archives of NBC News. Spanning the course of two decades, the archival video includes news reports and interviews, as well as rare footage from the war in Kosovo.

"The integration of video and images provides the reader a real sense of the culture and events, as well as the overall foreign policy challenges presented by the Kosovo conflict," said Michael Fabiano, General Manager and Vice President of NBC Publishing, "With an extensive background in international peace-building and human rights work, Phillips presents a comprehensive knowledge of the history of the region with a unique perspective on the diplomatic efforts behind that led to Kosovo's independence."

David L. Phillips is Director of the Program on Peace-Building and Rights at Columbia University's Institute for the Study of Human Rights. He worked on the book while serving as a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Project on the Future of Diplomacy.

Liberating Kosovo is also available as a standard eBook, without video enhancements, and in hardcover through MIT Press. For more information, visit http://liberatingkosovo.com.