Most Business Owners Get 'Stuck' When It Might Make Sense to Sell Their Company

DURANGO, Colo., May 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Dr. Carl L. Sheeler, Chief Values Officer of River Edge Values and best-selling author of John Wiley & Sons' Equity Value Enhancement, cautions business owners and their trusted advisors technical and tactical planning alone is insufficient to realize the most favorable outcomes. Sheeler warns: "Business owners may have mastered the daily blocking and tackling of operating their companies. Their sacrifices are considerable and make an indelible impression on their psyche. They are taking risks many of their advisors would not. Dollars may be weighed as a measure of success, but seldom of significance. Sometimes the consequences of their choices are not immediately apparent. This is why the motivations of advisors, staff, family and the owner must be carefully contemplated not in hours or days, but months and years. Sooner is better than later."

  1. What is behind the motivation of advisors? If the owner has been a five- or six-figure annual billings client, it's tough for an accountant or attorney to say "good bye." Will the life insurance professional lose commission on premiums if the business sells, since liquidity and possibility of taxes may be less of an issue? Does the financial advisor make it clear the annual double-digit returns enjoyed by the owner are seldom matched by owning marketable securities? Will the commercial banker lose an important client who deposits and borrowing is significant?
  2. What is behind the motivation of staff? Employees are often the second family of a business owner with some companies having two or more generations loyally working decades. If owner blood (or by marriage) relatives are going to remain at the company did they earn their roles by merit or birthright? What are their people, technical and leadership skills? Has management been groomed to operate the business in the owner's absence? Does the owner have some relationships with clients and suppliers that are difficult to replicate?
  3. What is behind the motivation of family? If most kitchen table discussions have been about the company, what impact would there be if the owner no longer has that oft-all-consuming role? Has the family been used to the physical (and occasionally emotional) absence of the owner? Do family members expect to receive some of the proceeds from the company sale or are employed at the company? How does a different dynamic post-sale impact the owner's spouse, children and grandchildren?
  4. What is the behind the motivation of owner? It's common for owners to wrestle between gratification and growth of their company. While many measure how much they obtain in annual economic benefit, owners also define who they are (self-worth) by what they do. And while many owners reach a point where they have reached a pinnacle of achievement or tire of the "feeding the beast" grind, doing and being something else often doesn't receive the degree of reflection it should. Seeking validation can lead to paralysis or destructive behavior.

This is why Dr. Sheeler shares, "Values are more than numbers. Owners want not just liquidity, but a legacy. We show this isn't an exit plan. Rather, it's about helping them write the next chapter in their life with or without the business."

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Sheeler was awarded the 2016 Midmarket Thought Leader of the Year by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors for his collaboration efforts to ensure owners and advisors alike achieve goal alignment and synergies. For owners wanting a holistic approach to tackling business growth and transition challenges, through River Edge Values Advisory Services ("REVAS"), Dr. Sheeler offers guidance and stewardship via call, in person or retreats at his scenic Durango-based farm. His profile is available on LinkedIn: .

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SOURCE Carl Sheeler

Most Business Owners Get 'Stuck' When It Might Make Sense to Sell Their Company

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