“How Strong Is Your Love” by Horace Armour, Sr. is Released

“How Strong Is Your Love” by Horace Armour, Sr. is Released

Fairfield, CA

Horace Armour lost his wife in 2006 after 47 years of marriage, yet he still wears rose-colored glasses when it comes to love. Despite a long, successful marriage, Armour reveals a love for another woman that has lasted most of his life.

In Armour's new book, "How Strong Is Your Love", he challenges love's unwritten rules and opens up about his personal struggle with "the one that got away". He said, "That love for the other woman who I couldn't forget, the pain has eaten away inside like a fire for more than 58 years."

A military veteran with 21 years of service, Armour spent most of his career as a race relations education specialist and spent countless hours educating his peers in the Navy on the effects of racism, sexism and sexual harassment. Although he may regret certain decisions he has made in his life, he still has a lot to be grateful for.

"Even as I sit here trying to find the right words, a smile comes to my face knowing I have set out to do what I have always wanted-write a book," Armour said. "Not just any old book, but a book about me. I felt I had a story to tell about my life and the life of so many others who are caught up in the web of love."

"How Strong Is Your Love"
By Horace Armour, Sr.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-5501-0
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and AuthorHouse online bookstores

About the Author
Horace Armour, Sr. was born and raised in Detroit, Mich., but left soon after graduating high school to join the military. After serving 21 years in the Navy, Armour now lives in Fairfield, Calif. This is his first published book.

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