Gerald Chatfield Pens DOWSING AND LEY LINES

Those with disabilities realize the struggles that come with whatever they may face. Some individuals choose to let their disability define them and others decide that they will do whatever it takes to overcome. Whether that be through learning how to structure their life around their disability or even finding a hobby to help life easier with the disability, there are millions of individuals who are bettering themselves.

Gerald Chatfield is one person, out of many, that chooses to rise above. As someone who has been severely dyslexic his whole life, Chatfield found many challenges. With having no academic qualifications and barely able to read, Chatfield has invested time in his other abilities: dowsing.

With being a remote dowser, he is able to be aware of distance and separation dowsing allows him to looks for particular items. Where he may struggle with dyslexia, dowsing has allowed him to learn in a different way. To teach individuals about dowsing, Chatfield recently authored his book, "Dowsing and Ley Lines."

"I created this book because I have unique first-hand knowledge that I have spend a lifetime acquiring," Chatfield said.

"Dowsing and Ley Lines," contains five different sorts of lines all of which can be found by a dowser or water diviner. The five lines, named by Chatfield, follow over 500 lay marks covering half of the British Isles. Included in to the book is also hundreds of pictures of lay markers.

Many individuals may not understand dowsing, but Chatfield lays out information in a way that any individual can understand and live by. "Dowsing and Ley Lines," also explains to readers how to create their own lines so that they will last longer for generations to come.

Dowsing and Ley Lines
By: Gerald Chatfield
ISBN: 978-15-2463-1642
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse UK

About the author
Gerald Chatfield is a 74-year-old bachelor living in the United Kingdom. Being severely dyslexic, Chatfield has invested his time in dowsing and ley lines. In his new book, "Dowsing and Ley Lines," Chatfield brings the historic content to life. Chatfield is currently a retired fencing erecter.

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