Galaxy Press announces the Release of the Western Adventure “The No-Gun Man”

Galaxy Press announces the Release of the Western Adventure “The No-Gun Man”

The No-Gun Man will be released in print as well as an unabridged, multi-cast, theater quality audiobook and be available wherever books and audiobooks are sold. The cast consists of R.F. Daley ("Bridesmaids"), Jim Meskimen ("There Will Be Blood"), David O'Donnell ("The Squeeze") and Michael Yurchak ("Club Dread").

Written during around the same time period as other popular western tales including 3:10 to Yuma (1957), Shane (1953), A Man Called Horse (1950) and The Tin Star (1947, motion picture named "High-Noon"), The No-Gun Man is one of 36 westerns penned by Hubbard using his own name or either of the pen names he used for his westerns, Winchester Remington Colt and Barry Randolph.

The No-Gun Man, originally published in Thrilling Western in May of 1950 is another story that shows the depth of Hubbard's understanding of the old west. It is the tale of Monte Calhoun, who as a young man, thought the measure of a man was how hard he could drink and how straight he could shoot. But several years back East have changed him. He has become The No-Gun Man. Monte's civilized now . . . even if that means refusing to avenge the murder of his own father. But in a land of outlaws and ambushes, it's only a question of how far Monte will be pushed before he pushes back . . . with a vengeance.

The No-Gun Man is one of 80 titles published in the Stories from the Golden Age line of books and audiobooks, books that are as timely as they are timeless.

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