Eugene J. Ulrich's New Memoir Looks Back at WWII Service

Eugene J. Ulrich's New Memoir Looks Back at WWII Service

The nature of media in the 21st century has meant that civilians are more aware of the cost of war upon soldiers than ever before, but this awareness does not mean that soldiers of earlier times did not pay the same costs. In his new memoir "World War II Recollections of Eugene J. Ulrich" (published by AuthorHouse), author and veteran Eugene J. Ulrichpresents his account of combat and life in World War II.

Ulrich's memoirs examine the ways in which young men coped with the risk and great dangers of World War II. As he explains:

"There are many detailed recollections in Ulrich's book of Army and civilian wartime people, and the places and situations involving them that portray life in this crucial period. The emphasis generally is on how those dealing with all the terrible trials of war attempted to cope with it all. Army regulations; airplane, V-1 or V-2 bombings; German jet fighters; severe food shortages in Europe; the Nuremberg court trials of Nazis; Hitler's redoubt; postwar occupation of German; Russian postwar occupation of other countries; and many other major or minor events are examined."

"Much of today's unrest and senseless disagreement among various nations and peoples seems to be leading us into the dangerous circumstances leading to World War II," Ulrich says. "Shouldn't we try to choose leaders who have intelligence enough to avoid such tragedy?"

"World War II Recollections of Eugene J. Ulrich"
By Eugene J. Ulrich
Softcover | 8.25 x 11 in | 176 pages | ISBN 9781425903503
E-Book | 176 pages | ISBN 9781463454593
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Eugene J. Ulrich began his World War II Army Air Corps service right after graduation, first as a cadet and then later as a radar officer with training at Yale, Harvard and M.I.T. He served in a combat unit in France from early 1945 and spent a year in occupied Germany, although there were occasions when he was in Belgium, Austria, Italy and Czechoslovakia, until his discharge in the late summer of 1946.

After the war he returned to college and studied music, eventually earning a master's degree and doctorate in music from the Eastman School of Music. He was a professor of music in Oklahoma for 38 years (1949-1987). After retirement he returned to the small town in extreme southern Illinois where he was born, and began setting down his wartime recollections.

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