E-Book Retail Distributor Launches E-Book Publishing Services and Retail Site, Today

E-Book Retail Distributor Launches E-Book Publishing Services and Retail Site, Today

Locally owned and family operated EBG 24/7 announced today that it will be launching its online E-book publishing and retail site to the public effective July 1, 2014. Beta testing is currently underway to populate the online book store.

EBG 24/7 expects it's website to bring users a friendly and cost effective outlet for publishing E-Books online. EBG 24/7 also offers an author's area where we provide writing articles and tips to writers to further mold their literary creations.

The launch of this site will also give these authors a new web based venue on which to sell their books to the public. EBG 24/7 will promote the E-Books on the site, in addition to paying authors royalties for their published work.

More information is expected to be released following the websites launch July 1, 2014.

About EBG 24/7 Authors

We are an eBook publisher focused on new and existing authors. Family owned and operated, we are dedicated to bringing quality, affordable services and products to book enthusiasts like ourselves.

EBG 24/7 will uphold its promise to provide quality customer service and a user friendly experience to both customer as well as the writing community. Our site is a one stop publishing platform that will provide quality downloadable E-Book files. We spotlight the authors by displaying their E-Books for purchase as well as give them resources to work on their creative writing skills while paying them royalties on every book that is purchased through our site.
Please visit http://www.ebg247.com/authors.

For more information on publishing your book with us:
Please visit http://ebg247.com/ Building Your EBook.pdf

About EBG 24/7 Bookstore

EBG 24/7 Bookstore is an online E-Book retail site where the public can choose what they want to read as well as which file format displays best for their own E-Book reader or device. Each purchased E-Book can be accessed in the members own account section and downloaded up to three times to ease usability on multiple devices. EBG 24/7 also provides easy access to the sites new content by displaying the most popular as well as the newest books right on the front page.

For more information, please visit http://www.ebg247.com