Deception Plagues Group of High School Students in Sabrina Ali's New Novel

Deception Plagues Group of High School Students in Sabrina Ali's New Novel

Sarah O'Connor is the only child of an interracial couple who have different ideas about how to raise her. Her Irish father believes she should have freedom, but her East Indian mother believes in keeping her in the house and practices physical punishment. Sarah's boyfriend and two best friends do all they can to help her, but horrible circumstances beyond her control force her into a life she never could have imagined. Sabrina Ali's new novel, "The Face of Deception" (published by Trafford Publishing), follows Sarah through a life filled with lies, betrayal and deceit.

Sarah is ecstatic to have a boyfriend and what she thinks are great friends. Her happiness is short-lived, however, when her friend's very disturbed, malicious, older cousin enters the group. While he appears to be looking for friends, his ulterior motive threatens to destroy the group's bond as they know it.

"The Face of Deception" follows Sarah and her friends as they struggle to maintain identity in a group overrun with treachery and betrayal. The book poses readers with the question, who is the face of deception?

An excerpt from "The Face of Deception":

"I could not believe that he was twisted enough to think that I would go back to all of that, especially after everything he had made me suffer. Once upon a time, he was my sin and my salvation and there was no possible way he would be either one ever again. I wanted him to know that I was no longer the same girl he once controlled and manipulated, so I turned my back to him."

"The Face of Deception"
By Sabrina Ali
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 368 pages | ISBN 9781425165123
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Sabrina Ali has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Victoria, where she completed the education program as well. She also studied criminal justice at Camosun College. She wrote movie and play reviews, as well as the occasional freelance piece for Nexus, Camosun's newspaper. Ali currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she is a high school English teacher.

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