Contemporary Poet Jimmy D Robinson Releases Best-Selling Modern Lyrical Poetry Books

Contemporary Poet Jimmy D Robinson Releases Best-Selling Modern Lyrical Poetry Books

Contemporary Poet Jimmy D Robinson Releases Best-Selling Modern Lyrical Poetry Books

Jimmyland Corporation announces today that they have republished several of the finest books of modern lyrical poetry from critically acclaimed and award-winning "Best American Poet" Jimmy D Robinson. The influence Jimmy D Robinson has amassed in the literary and music world is making him an irrefutable trailblazer in today's collective poetry crop. Eight of Robinson's most popular and best-selling hardcover lyrical poetry books are now available on iBooks for readers to download and relish.

The eight books of modern lyrical poetry from contemporary poet Jimmy D Robinson currently available are on iBooks are:

  • Music Peace Love
  • All I See
  • Imagination is Free
  • Moon Castles
  • Timewarp
  • Rock The World
  • Mind Juice
  • Lost Journey

"I am very grateful for all of the continued interest in my poetic stories. Each poem is just a little slice-of-life, through my eyes," states Jimmy D Robinson, poet and Billboard charting artist. "When I wrote many of these poems I never imagined they'd be actually published, let alone become Billboard dance hits. It's all thrilling."

Robinson's free-verse poetry books are filled with rich visuals and intriguing photos to complement each experimental spiritually derived poem. Many of the poems have been turned into musical art with the help of many celebrity artists such as: Grammy nominated and Tony Award-winning diva Melba Moore, one of Britain's top-selling artists Carol Jiani, and the Grammy Award-winning group A Flock of Seagulls, along with a bevy of Grammy Award-winning producers.

Jimmyland Corporation will soon publish Robinson's latest book of modern lyrical poems titled, "Apples Cherries & Sunshine," for worldwide distribution. The 15th book in Robinson's catalog, will feature 20 new and original poems. "Apples Cherries & Sunshine" will be made available to retailers in hardcover and eBook versions later this year.

ABOUT JIMMY D ROBINSON Jimmy D. Robinson, a native of West Palm Beach, FL, is widely recognized as one of today's most inventive poets, lyricists, and producers. Robinson transforms his 14 Jimmyland Corporation published books of modern poetry into music and songs with teams of gifted musicians, who help him achieve his artistic visions. Emanating from Robinson's meditation and metaphysical channeling, his musical work dreamily expresses the hardships he has endured and the triumphs he has experienced by overcoming them. Robinson's poetry conveys the human condition-loneliness, love, anxiety, fear, lust, desperation, and hope. By transmuting the poetry into song, Robinson's verbal prose reaches a deeper plane through the use of music and melodies. His musical compositions ultimately deliver the verisimilitude and celebration of life.

Robinson's artistic venture into dance and chill music with his poetry-turn-lyrics has been nothing short of phenomenal. To his credit, Robinson has amassed a multitude of Billboard and Music Week charting songs from iconic Grammy Award winning musicians like: A Flock of Seagulls, Melba Moore, and Carol Jiani. Robinson also makes vocal appearances on the poetic songs alongside his superstar recording artists and personally curates all of Mind Juice Records and J Music Group's recordings himself, utilizing the modern poetry from his.

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