Book Helps Readers Heal From Pain, Suffering

Book Helps Readers Heal From Pain, Suffering Rev. Robbins S. Hopkins, Ed.D. believes that humans have unlimited access to infinite types of healing through Divine Source. It is her mission to help people achieve success in their healing and wholeness. In "The Six-Step Spiritual Healing Protocol: Calling Forth Your Health and Wholeness" (published by Balboa Press), Hopkins demonstrates to readers that there can be healing from pain and suffering, no matter what challenges one is facing.

The book teaches how to look at underlying blocked energies within oneself that are manifesting as illness, chronic imbalance, or suffering of any kind. The book also provides a protocol, enabling readers to work in Divine Partnership to bring about healing at the personal, collective, or global level.

As the author explains, "This book gives an extensively tested protocol for rebalancing any life imbalances needing attention. The reader chooses the focus of healing. The protocol gives step-by-step guidance in how to combine human and Divine energy for effecting healing."

A particular passage from the book:
Embrace your True Self, eternally connected to Spirit, Balance, and Abundance. Explore an enhanced reality working in partnership with Divine Beings. Unlock blocked energies tied to physical and mental imbalances in your life. Access your inner wisdom, clear out the dross of lifetimes, and bring about your own lasting healing.

"The Six-Step Spiritual Healing Protocol"
By Rev. Robbins S. Hopkins, Ed.D.
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 218 pages | ISBN 9781504374453
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 218 pages | ISBN 9781504374439
E-Book | 218 pages | ISBN 9781504374446
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About the Author
Rev. Robbins S. Hopkins, Ed.D. was raised in the segregated south of the U.S. and spent her teenage years in the Netherlands. Hopkins earned a master's degree and doctorate in intercultural communications and counseling. She co-founded a management consulting firm and specialized in team building for multicultural teams engaged in global economic and social development. She has made spiritual pilgrimages to Mexico, India, Brazil, Europe and Southwestern United States to work with spiritual leaders and healers. She spent seven years in intensive Spirit-led silent meditation and inner healing to develop a basis for her spiritual healing and guidance practice. Now, the author mentors a community of spiritual meditators and healers. She is married with children and has lived in suburban Washington, D.C. in an extended family household for 40 years.

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