Bill Willingham Presents FAIREST VOL. 3: THE RETURN OF THE MAHARAJA Today

Bill Willingham Presents FAIREST VOL. 3: THE RETURN OF THE MAHARAJA Today

This June, New York Times bestselling and award-winning creator Bill Willingham presents FAIREST VOL. 3: THE RETURN OF THE MAHARAJA starring the beautiful, deadly ladies from his hit series FABLES. Balancing horror, humor, and adventure in the FABLES tradition, FAIREST explores the secret histories of Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the Snow Queen, Thumbelina, Snow White, Rose Red and others.

When Nalayani seeks the help of the Maharaja to save her village from the Dhole, she uncovers a secret that could change the Fables Universe forever: long-thought dead Prince Charming is still alive! Nalayani is the sole defender of a village that was stripped of its men when the Adversary's army invaded her fabled land, and she's like nothing Prince Charming has ever seen.

But don't miss out this April, when Vertigo releasesDAYTRIPPER DELUXE EDITION. The Eisner Award winning DAYTRIPPER follows the life of one man, Bras de Olivias Dominguez. Every chapter features an important period in Bras' life in exotic Brazil, and each story ends the same way: with his death. In every chapter, Bras dies at different moments in his life. The story follows him through his entire existence: one filled with possibilities of happiness and sorrow, good and bad, love and loneliness. Each story rediscovers the many varieties of daily life, in a story about living life to its fullest, because any of us can die at any moment.

[FAIREST VOL. 3: THE RETURN OF THE MAHARAJA/ 144 pages / color / $14.99 TP / On sale June 3, 2014]

[DAYTRIPPER DELUXE EDITION / 272 pages / color /$34.99 HC/ On sale April 22, 2014]

BILL WILLINGHAM has been writing and sometimes drawing comics for more than twenty years. During that time he's had work published by nearly every comics publisher in the business and he's written many critically acclaimed comic book series, including Elementals, FABLES, JACK OF FABLES, FAIREST, ROBIN, SHADOWPACT and SALVATION RUN. A multiple winner of the Eisner Award, Willingham has also been nominated for the International Horror Guild and Hugo Awards. Bill lives somewhere near a good poker room.

SEAN E. WILLIAMS is a storyteller in all mediums, with a background in theatre, film, and television, having spent a decade writing and producing in Hollywood. Before the third arc of FAIREST for DC/Vertigo, he most recently wrote two novellas set in Decipher, Inc.'s WARS universe for Grail Quest Books. He currently writes comic books and prose from the wilds of Minnesota.

FABIO MOON and GABRIEL BA are twin brothers, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they live until this day. They have their friends and their family; it's their home. They have been telling stories in comic book form for almost fifteen years, and their work has been published in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Japan, Germany, as well as in the U.S. and Brazil. They like their coffee black, with no sugar, so that the taste is strong and memorable. They believe stories should taste equally strong and be just as memorable. They work with a fresh pot that's always handy to make sure they never forget that.