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ST. LOUIS, Feb. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ Yale, Harvard Law, 4- term St. Louis School Board member, and Candidate for US Congress in Missouri's 1st District in 2016, Bill Haas, Releases Debut Novel, Pink Collar Blue: A Story of Love and Politics.

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Hear Bill Haas talk about the novel on KDHK Collateral Damage show podcast:

After several unremarkable careers in corporate law, teaching, and retail management (he failed the test for a greeter at Walmart so they made him a manager), Haas will be trying to redeem, some might say "salvage," his so-called life by winning the Democratic nomination for US Congress in Missouri's 1st District, and hopes his novel will be successful; the latter might lead to the former.

Thirty-four years ago Pink Collar Blue began as thoughts on notecards, transformed into notes on yellow legal pads, morphed into a screenplay that was entered in film festival competitions, and has now been published in novel form.

Similar in scope and concept to Love Story and The Bridges of Madison County, Pink Collar Blue is the story of boy (politician) meets girl (pink-collar, upwardly mobile, middle-class advertising assistant). Boy loves girl. Girl hates politics but loves boy more than she hates politics. Then drama ensues and nothing goes smoothly (except the sex, of course). Boy wins election. Girl's stalking ex-boyfriend doesn't approve. Ex-boyfriend gets more than he bargained for. But boy's and girl's political and personal lives are turned upside down in the bargain. Girl may have to learn to love politics after all.

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Praise for Pink Collar Blue:

"Bill Haas's many talents now include writing about the things he knows best: love and politics. An entertaining read, it may be the best book you'll read this year." - Charles Brennan, nationally recognized KMOX radio and Donnybrook TV Talk Show

"A charming read with deep meaning...told with ruthless honesty and understated humor. Pink Collar Blue is good love, good politics and good drama!" - Stephanie Elbert, BCAST Advertising & Marketing

"Riveting, touching, smart, poignant, charming - unlike Bill." - Pete Rothschild, Historic St. Louis developer and classic bon vivant, Red Brick Management

"I was captivated by the political intrigue. The politician was one we all dream of electing: honest and idealistic, yet pragmatic enough to get the job done!" - Jo Ann Karll, Attorney and former Missouri State Representative.

Bill is a Phi Beta Kappa English graduate of Yale, and of Harvard Law School. He is in his fourth term on the St. Louis School Board, was the Democratic nominee for Congress in Missouri's 2nd District in 2008, 3rd out of 8 for the nomination for Lieutenant Governor in 2012, and has run several other times for local and state office.

Over the last 10 years or so, Bill has written short stories about relationships, often in a political setting, for several forums including NPR's short stories contests; and has had two dating and relationship advice columns, one in print in a local newspaper and one online at, which seems to make Bill the only elected official in the history of western civilization to have such a column, especially while serving in office.

To his knowledge, Bill has not been married but has proposed three times and two of them said yes, so though he doesn't remember the details, he thinks he might be a bigamist, but who knows?

God once told Bill that he had both good news and bad news for him. The good news was that he'd find a lifelong love and have significant political success. "What's the bad news?" asked Bill. "You'll be 95 at the time." There's no capital in arguing with God's plan. Only capitol in Washington, where Bill's time will be better spent.

More Praise for Pink Collar Blue:

"I couldn't stop turning the pages." - Iconic KMOX reporter and novelist

"Fine story and fine writing. I wish there was even more of it." - Beloved veteran St. Louis newsman and media personality.

To learn more about Bill, visit or or contact him at or 314-533-1181.

Official release date was Monday, December 14th, when advertising began on NPR, KTRS, and KMOX, local St. Louis radio stations. For more details and to order from Amazon ($14.99), Kindle ($4.99) and such, go to or limited quantities available Now! at 20% off ($11.99) from local printer Mira Digital Pulbishing:

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