Bestselling Author Lauren Royal Releases Bargain-Priced 'Boxed Set' of Three eBook Novels

Everyone loves a good deal, and just in time for Valentine's Day, here's one for the 74.8 million people who read romance. Internationally bestselling historical romance author Lauren Royal, whose books appeared on Top 100 lists in 27 different countries last year, has just released The Temptations Trilogy, three complete Regency-set novels in a single, specially priced ebook.

Royal's award-winning ebooks are already a value at just $3.99 each. However, this new boxed set of Lost in Temptation, Tempting Juliana, and The Art of Temptation, complete with author's notes, is just $9.99 at Kobo and all other major ebook stores online.

Set in England from 1815 to 1817, The Temptations Trilogy tells the stories of Griffin Chase and his three younger sisters, Alexandra, Juliana, and Corinna. As the new Marquess of Cainewood, Griffin is desperate to marry them off. He never thought he'd be a matchmaking mama, and his sisters aren't at all sure they appreciate his efforts. "But with the help of an heirloom recipe book," Royal says, "they discover that cooking up a little magic can be seductive!"<

Each book includes several genuine recipes from the Regency era, and Royal has modern versions posted on her website at "Readers love trying the recipes," she says. "They each come with a family legend, such as Ratafia Puffs, which make men fall in love, and Lemon Cakes, which ease melancholy." In the back of every book, Royal includes a link to an online contest where readers can enter to win a piece of jewelry associated with the story.

Lauren Royal's ten novels have won numerous awards including the Golden Quill and Booklist's Top 10 Romance of the Year. Her ebooks are available at Kobo and other major retailers. For more information and to see the book cover, visit or sign up for her email newsletter.