Alan Brenham's PRICE OF JUSTICE Crime Thriller Now Available

Alan Brenham's PRICE OF JUSTICE Crime Thriller Now Available

' Price of Justice,' Alan Brenham's debut novel, blends mystery, action, and just a hint of romance as it explores the chilling world of sex crimes. Brenham takes the reader on a fast-paced ride with his sharp dialogue and multi-dimensional characters.

'Price of Justice,' follows Austin's detective Jason Scarsdale and crime analyst Dani Mueller. Scarsdale has recently lost his wife when he becomes entangled in solving three consecutive murders. Mueller has seen her own share of tragedy and has just one thing on her mind: vengeance. When Scarsdale is assigned to investigate the death of a man he arrested, he begins to uncover new evidence indicating that the man is innocent of the crime. Yet, the investigation is stalled by one of the detective's corrupt colleagues, and by Mueller, who witnessed the murder but is silenced by a dark secret. Scarsdale is faced with the ethical dilemma of choosing between his career and his life, and is forced to rethink the value of playing by the rules.

Having served as a law enforcement officer and then a criminal defense attorney for twenty-two years, Brenham provides the language, detail, and rawness that only someone who has been in the field could offer.

"Along with real happenings in the news media, I crafted the plot and sub-plots in Price of Justice from cases I worked on during my time as a detective, prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney," says Brenham. "I also consulted with a homicide sergeant, the crime lab director with the Austin police, and a crime scene expert from the Houston area to bring the events of the book to life."

After graduating from Texas A&I University with a degree in Sociology, Alan Brenham [pseudonym for Alan Behr] worked as a federal criminal investigator, during which time he traveled through Europe and the Middle East as a Special Deputy US Marshal. Following this position, Brenham joined the Temple Police Department in 1971 where he worked as a patrol officer, and later, as a crime analyst until 1974. While working for the Temple Police Department, he was awarded the Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Award. Brenham then served as a civilian law enforcement instructor for US Military forces in West Berlin, Germany. In 1976, he returned to the Temple Police Department and was promoted to detective.

Brenham graduated from Baylor Law School in 1987 and practiced law as a prosecutor and, later, as a criminal defense attorney. After leaving private practice, Brenham worked as an Assistant General Counsel for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice until 2008. Brenham is now retired from the State of Texas and combining his life experience with his love for writing. Price of Justice is his first novel.