Aeryn Dougan's Urban Paranormal Fantasy Novel BENAJAH'S KEEPER Puts Twist on Vampire Mythos

Aeryn Dougan's Urban Paranormal Fantasy Novel BENAJAH'S KEEPER Puts Twist on Vampire Mythos

Aeryn Dougan puts a unique twist on the popular paranormal genre with her vampire novel, "Benajah’s Keeper" (ISBN 147756232X). Written for fans of science fiction and thrillers, as well as romance, this novel follows a duty-driven, 600-year-old vampire Evanna Amaranthine on what should be a routine mission until emotions interrupt.

When Evanna’s latest mission sends her far away from the safe walls of her vampire society at Benajah, she feels more than ready to find and kill Rian Delmar, a vampire hunter with unnatural ability.

While away on her mission, Evanna lives with a vampire named Zak Tamsin. Unlike Evanna, Zak’s day is full of human activities with brother-sister pair, Messiah and Noelle Scarborough. The duo bothers Evanna for some unknown reason, especially when Messiah sets off a series of unexplainable dreams. The more time she spends in the human world, the harder it is for Evanna to handle herself, her emotions, and her past.

"Many paranormal works focus entirely on love or on purely violence," Dougan says. "Benajah's Keeper, on the other hand, lets readers discover the web of relationships between characters. Readers might start off disliking Evanna, but the more aware she becomes, the more they'll want to grow with her and read along."

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About the Author: Aeryn Dougan earned her bachelor’s with a concentration in expanded media from the New York School of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2010. She is the creative mind behind two artist books, “Inklings” and “That Game We Used to Play.” She is a fan of paranormal, urban fantasies and vampire books, which can be seen in her first novel, "Benajah’s Keeper." She lives in upstate New York with her two cats, Leto and Ghanima.

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