Domenica Calabrese Tedeschi Launches New Marketing Campaign for Book

 Domenica Calabrese Tedeschi Launches New Marketing Campaign for Book

Torrington, CT

Author Domenica Calabrese Tedeschi launches a new marketing campaign for her touching life story, "The Most Beautiful Rose: Memoir of an Italian Immigrant's Extraordinary Childhood" (published by Trafford Publishing).

Tedeschi grew up in a rural village in Italy, helping with farm chores and playing with her cousins. In her story, she recounts childhood antics, time-honored Italian traditions and celebrations, and heartbreaking tragedy.

The Calabrese family, from which Tedeschi hails, endured landslides, war and childhood illness, always seeming to find a way when there was none. In "The Most Beautiful Rose," Tedeschi shares her misery when two of her closest cousins emigrate, compounding when she loses her mother, and the homesickness she felt when her family moved to the U.S.

An excerpt from "The Most Beautiful Rose":

"My mom needed help to get into and to sit down in the automobile. I was devastated to see her go. I grabbed the car door handle and frame and sobbed loudly enough to get my mom's attention. She looked back at me, but her eyes were like crystal, not blinking, just staring at me. I called her name, still weeping."

Tedeschi includes personal family photos dating back to World War I, a map of the Italy and a collection of discussion questions to bring readers deeper into her world.

"The Most Beautiful Rose"
By Domenica Calabrese Tedeschi
Softcover | 7 x 10 in | 92 pages | ISBN 9781426910142
E-Book | ISBN 9781490737683
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Domenica Calabrese Tedeschi was born in rural Italy and immigrated to the United States in 1965 at age 15. She works at Tedeschi Tile & Marble in Torrington, Connecticut.

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