BWW Interview: Author DIANE MEHOLICK

BWW Interview: Author DIANE MEHOLICK

I've known Diane Meholick for several years. It's so nice to see good things happening for her and a chance to interview Diane as well.

MCL: When did writing start for you?

DM: As soon as I could form sentences. So I guess that would be in elementary school.

MCL: What was the first thing you wrote?

DM: A story about a man who was pouring a concrete driveway and fell into the concrete. He ended up being sealed over. It was a really bad story. I didn't save it.

MCL: What was the first thing you wrote that you liked?

DM: My first novel, A Switch in Time.

MCL: Describe your style?

DM: I try to have my reader feel like they are sitting around a campfire listening to a story. I subscribe to the theory that "less is more". I want the reader to use his/her imagination while reading my stories.

MCL: What keeps you motivated to keep writing?

DM: Reading other authors, observing life going on around me, and reading history. But I think most importantly, an innate desire to do so.

MCL: You've written three very interesting books. Please tell us a little about each and how they came to you.

DM: A Switch in Time - Synopsis: While portraying John Wilkes Booth in a play at Ford's Theatre, actor Roger Eberth switches places in time with John Wilkes Booth at the exact moment that Abraham Lincoln is shot. In the future, Booth is held captive by Rogers fiancee, Camille Merce, who enlists the aid of physicist Ernesto Marquez in hopes of switching Roger and Booth back. In the past, Roger must convince those around him that he is Booth so that history will run its course. As he plays his ultimate role in 1865, Roger hopes that Camille will find a way to bring him home.

The book was inspired by a trip to Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. In addition, I've always found both Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth fascinating men.

Painting Katherine-Synopsis - Washington, D.C. artist Vincent Vermay's world is unraveling. He can no longer paint. He no longer understands his wife Kate. When Kate inherits an old Victorian in North Tonawanda, NY from her grandmother Katherine Malloy, Vincent falls in love with the house and moves in. Kate remains in D.C. and the separation strains the marriage further. On the Victorian's third floor, Vincent discovers a magical violin that takes him back in time to 1926, where he meets twenty-year-old Katherine Malloy. Katherine has given up her career as a concert violinist to marry Jethro Malloy, an abusive man. Katherine's beauty inspires Vincent to start painting again. He returns to the past several times to paint her portrait. Vincent also meets actor Norman Lassiter, who loves Katherine so much, that he quits acting and turns businessman, partnering with others to build a grand theatre in North Tonawanda. As Vincent grows closer to Katherine, he realizes what motivates his own wife. He also realizes that Katherine's life would be better with Norman. Vincent can make this happen on December 30, 1926, opening night of Norman's new Riviera Theatre. He can change Katherine's life for the better. But dare he?

I had long wanted to write a story that featured my home town, North Tonawanda, NY and showcased the city's history, beautiful old homes and the Riviera Theatre, the city's shining jewel. The opening line came to me one day while I was driving to work. Once I had the opening line, the story just flowed.

Buffalo Stories- Synopsis: In the city of Buffalo, NY, lives a diverse and eclectic population of people. You will meet some of these people in "Buffalo Stories." There is Seever Dilliard, a drug addict who can't seem to climb out of the hole he's dug for himself. And Gwen Davignon, a photographer and recovering alcoholic, who's in love with her best friend and afraid to tell her so. There is Amy Ashton, whose Obsessive Compulsive Disorder prevents her from getting over John Lennon's murder. And gamblers Craig Wyatt and Sam Flannery, who both turn out to be completely different than Ezekiel Waarchinski believes they are. You will meet a painter named Daniel who is struggling with his love for a married woman. Lastly, you will meet Casey Castiglione and Kira Nailor, whose new-found friendship puts them on a surprising path.

The anthology began when I was inspired by two Alison Pipitone songs, Charlie's for the Last Time and You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down. The songs opened up my mind to the many forms of love. The stories showcase these many forms.

MCL: Time to promote...What's happening for you 2017/2018

DM: I am researching and writing two historical novels. Both are in their infant stages at this point.


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