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Crispus Attucks: Revolutionary Recollections at History At Play, LLC




History At Play, LLC

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Boston,MA 02112
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Crispus Attucks: Revolutionary Recollections in Boston

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Pay-Per-HAP Immersive Living History Series chronicles influential and often forgotten figures on the 2nd & 4th Friday of every month at 7:30 PM ET (GMT-5)!About this EventFriday February 26, travel in time to Colonial Boston with Crispus Attucks, an enslaved person of color, who escapes bondage and migrates to the busiest port town in America, as he recollects the lives of the working poor. Attucks recalls the terrible event of The Bloody Boston Massacre-- March 5, 1770.Join us on Pay-Per-HAP, produced by History At Play, LLC (HAP, LLC), live streaming direct to you! (Episode #42).In this livestream episodic series, Pay-Per-HAP invites audiences to explore the mind of an escaped laborer and mariner of late 18th Century Boston. Living Historian Jon F. Rice embodies the vigor of Attucks in a solo presentation, Cripsus Attucks: Revolutionary Recollections of a Poor Man in Boston. Attucks was one of some 3,000 mariners living in Boston; a seaside town of approximately 15,000 people. Like many of his fellow townsmen, Attucks did not enjoy enfranchisment, granted only to white, male, property owners, and was ineligible to vote on the laws that governed his life. If only Attucks were to have survived the American Rebellion, he could share his wisdom! In Revolutionary Recollections, we experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the elder Attucks at an age he never would reach; learning from his incomparable wisdom and enduring spirit!GUEST ARTIST:Jon F. Rice is a historian, performer, and researcher. He obtained a PhD in American History from Northern Illinois University. He has performed with the Chicago Historical Society; in Boston, as an interpreter for the Freedom Trail Foundation; and as a Wampanoag elder at the Wampanoag Homesite, at Plimouth Patuxet Historic Site (formerly Plimouth Plantation). Rice, a tri-racial interpreter, who descends from Choctaw Heritage, delves into the lives and eras of his portrayals to create dialogues that encompass the time in which they lived.***********************************************************No recording, reproduction, distribution, nor download of Pay-Per-HAP is permitted. Running time: 45 minutes. Followed by Real-Time Audience Q&A and BONUS MATERIALS. Viewable for 48 hours after livestream. Copyright 2021. All rights reserved, History At Play, LLC.***********************************************************VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS:Pay-What-You-Can $10-$25 to support Educational Escapism and the works of Historical Interpreters at Eventbrite: After completing purchase, patrons receive instructions by email, for enjoying Pay-Per-HAP. Pre-program music begins at 7:15pm ET. "Curtain" is at 7:30pm ET (GMT-5).When purchasing multiple tickets, please write the name of each viewer logging on to enjoy the program, so that we may admit them accordingly. This information may be provided directly on Eventbrite, or by emailing Refunds. No Date Transfers.***********************************************************

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