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South Pacific rush

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South Pacific rush#1
Posted: 5/15/08 at 3:04pm
Help please?
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re: South Pacific rush#2
Posted: 5/28/08 at 8:12pm
Yeah. I'm confused too. Has anybody done the rush lately? Do they sell the cancellations as rush on a separate line? I was on the cancellation line last week and nobody was there for student rush. Can anyone shed some light?
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re: South Pacific rush#2
Posted: 5/28/08 at 8:17pm
If it's totally sold out (which it is), where do you expect them to get seats for rush FROM? They're not going to sell cancellation seats as student rush, when they could sell them for full price. Don't get your hopes up for rush. If you want to see it, you'll probably have to shell out the cash. But honestly, if there's anything that's worth a full-price ticket, it's this show.
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re: South Pacific rush#3
Posted: 5/28/08 at 8:17pm
There is no rush. Just cancellation line. From what I know. There are no available seats to do a day of rush.
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re: South Pacific rush#4
Posted: 5/28/08 at 8:32pm
It amazes me that every time I walk by the basement of the Beaumont that I can see the line for the box office without actually seeing the box office. That's how long the line is on a consistent basis.
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re: South Pacific rush#5
Posted: 5/29/08 at 12:45am
Guys, if you are a member of the studentix program, it is SO SO easy to get a ticket. And even though the show is sold out, if you search for a ticket the same day, you can usually find one that has most likely been a cancellation. I got mine this morning for tonights show.
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re: South Pacific rush#6
Posted: 5/29/08 at 12:51am
They are not taking any new students in that program though.
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re: South Pacific rush#7
Posted: 5/29/08 at 12:58am
try the search once in a while...

no rush prices, or student prices this late in the game. Cancellation line for full price cancelations.


The LCT is a BIG venue. Even for a sold out performance, there is no possible way that every single person is going to show up. And more than 75% of the audience does NOT know that they can bring their tix to the box office and sell to the line of people waiting for full price.

Stand outside the theatre, and say "Does anybody have an extra ticket? Im looking for one ticket for tonights performance."

If you do this enough times, somebody will answer, Yes! I have one extra, my husband(or wife or daughter or whomever) couldnt come tonight!

Sometimes they want full price, but USUALLY you can negotiate a lower price. Especially if your a student.

I saw the show on May 16th I believe, and I paid 20 bucks.

I sat 4th row centre.

EDIT: Just make sure to keep a look out, because many scalpers will try to find tickets the same way. They will look for people who have an extra, and then try to buy it off them for cheap to re-sell for expensive. You need to get to the audience members before the scalpers do. Usually, they would rather sell to someone seeing the show anyway.

ANDDD dont be rude. Be genuine and sweet and explain that you really want to see the show and cant afford full price and blah blah blah. You may not get it for 20, but AT LEAST half price.

For those of you that are skeptical of this method working, just FYI- I have done this over 30 times, in 4 different cities across North America (NYC, LA, TORONTO, VEGAS) and it has only failed me ONCE. (sold out show of the revival of ACL. The woman wanted full price, and I couldnt afford it)

Also, I have never paid over $40 for my ticket.

And I have seen the following shows-

Ave Q(x2), Rent, Stomp, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Chicago(x2), Hairpsray(x2), Wicked (x alot), Les Mis(x2), Lord of the Rings, Spamalot, Pippin, Dirty Dancing, Drowsy Chaperone(x2), We Will Rock You, Sweeny Todd, Little Shop of Horrors, The Producers, The Apple Tree, Spring Awakening(x2), Young Frankenstein, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Cyrano De Bergerac, High Fidelity, August Osage County, Boeing Boeing, In the Heights and MANY more.