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MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021  Jun 23 2020, 05:53:35 PM
Telecharge must be in the middle of an update as it's now showing a first performance date of April 7, 2021. Granted right now it's actually only showing two total performance dates.

The League To Announce Broadway Canceled The Rest Of The Year?  Jun 22 2020, 06:42:05 PM

The full cast of a musical getting into a rehearsal room and singing into each other's faces in early September is completely absurd. 

John Cameron Mitchell ORIGIN OF LOVE Tour  Jun 5 2020, 12:46:37 PM
The two shows have been postponed to December 29 and 30.

They must've just updated the site because I looked for the same info earlier this week and it wasn't there.

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  May 1 2020, 01:19:23 PM

Just noticed that Ticketmaster has The Lehman Trilogy on sale until September 20th.  I believe the closing date was intended to be July 5th.  Obviously we have no idea when performances will resume, but this does show that this production isn't intending to close during the summer as originally planned.

Social Distance Seating Plans  Apr 28 2020, 11:18:19 AM

I've been thinking about this ever since March 12th when all of the theaters (including mine) ceased performances.  My theater is toying with this, but the scenario I gamed out just in my head reduces capacity so significantly that I don't know if it's viable to have performances.

Barrington's policy is a great start and they are fortunate enough to have three separate entrances, but aside from the Lyric and maybe a few other theaters ( the ones with wider lobb

New McDonagh film  Mar 21 2020, 04:16:53 PM

Beauty Queen was the first in his Leenane trilogy along with Skull in Connemara and Lonesome West.  The Aran Islands trilogy hadn't been finished, at least until now apparently.

What should I watch in isolation?  Mar 20 2020, 04:28:31 PM

AEA AGMA SM said: "The Met has had a different HD title available for free each night this week. Tonight isDaughter of the Regiment, tomorrow isLucia di Lammermoor(Mary Zimmerman's production), and Sunday will beEugene Onegin. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll extend this and throw another slate of titles for free next week."

They're doing the Ring Cycle and a few other Wagners next week.

Broadway to Close?  Mar 12 2020, 11:02:11 AM

bdn223 said: "BenElliott said: "Maybe Broadway will be playing to smaller audiences. Maybe they'll be closing the mezzanines."

The "safer" thing to do would be close alternating rows of seats. So sell only seats in rowsA, C, E, G, I, K...Etc, to allow for more space between theater goers. Also I would arguably not sell tickets for the first row of the orchestra due to bodily fluids that commonly come off actors.Yes it would cut capacity in

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME/Britney Spears musical to play pre-Broadway Chicago engagement  Mar 4 2020, 11:52:55 AM

Simon Callow?!?!??!?!??!?

Rebel Wilson - Broadway?  Dec 23 2019, 03:02:36 PM

Wasn't she supposed to a McDonagh play in Sydney right around now, but ended up backing out for whatever reason?

Rialto Chatter- Beetlejuice and Mockingbird get new homes?  Aug 30 2019, 07:45:50 AM

I can't imagine Mockingbird would be moving until February at the earliest.  Right now there is only one theater available for the fall- the Belasco.  If they moved anytime soon the production would either have to close or move theaters again because of Girl From The North Country starting in early February... unless that production also switches theaters.


Available Theatres  Aug 26 2019, 08:07:27 PM

The Sondheim is also available in the spring.

Next for the Nederlander Theatre?  Aug 24 2019, 09:41:32 PM

Isn't Harry Connick Jr. doing a show at the Nederlander starting in December?

Hadestown Rush/SRO Updates  Jul 30 2019, 08:36:32 AM

Since Hadestown was already selling via the Lucky Seats lottery they could just be eliminating whatever allocation they were making for in person rush tickets.  We have no way of knowing how many seats are sold via the Lucky Seat lottery, so isn't it entirely possible that that allocation is remaining the same and the box office has taken back (an albeit small) allocation to sell at full price?  This of course would be in addition to the rationale of not wanting people

2019-2020 Broadway Season  Jul 25 2019, 04:52:52 PM 

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Jul 2 2019, 08:29:33 AM

Does Anna Kendrick read too young for 35?

COMPANY eyeing a spring 2020 transfer at a Shubert theater  Jul 1 2019, 10:59:50 AM

Mike Barrett said: "Isn’t the Brooks Atkinson a Shubert house? Honestly I could see Waitress packing things up this January and making way for a spring opening there."

It's not.  That's a Nederlander house.

Broadway Real Estate for the 2019-2020 season  Jun 10 2019, 10:55:02 AM

The initial announcement for MM stated a preview start date of 9/9/20 with an opening of 10/22/20.

What shows will fill the dark theaters this fall?  May 31 2019, 10:30:25 AM

The Barrymore, Belasco, Booth, Cort, Golden, Jacobs, and Vivian Beaumont are all without tenants for the fall.  That seems like a decent amount.

All About Eve - Spectacular  May 8 2019, 10:53:50 AM

I was at the NT Live screening at the Beekman last night and wow what a boring evening.

Aside from Monica Dolan and Stanley Townsend everyone was incredibly dull.  I appreciated the use of the video cameras in the vanity and bathroom mirrors, but otherwise it felt unnecessary and obtrusive.  

It only truly felt alive during the scene with Eve and Karen in the ladies room and then the scene with Eve and Addison towards the end.  

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