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2020: THE MUSICAL w/ Jimmy Fallon & Andrew Rannells

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Maybe it was the long day at work, but that made me laugh way more than it had any right to.

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Chorus Member | Joined: 2/15/18

Me, too.  I especially liked ending it with Rannells' novelty lyrics to "I Believe."

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i have always said there is a Broadway show song for every occasion...and this proves it...BRAVO!!

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Somewhere James Cordon is gnashing his teeth. 

Really enjoyed the tribute to 2020 but agree "I Believe" was the icing on the cake. Yay 2021!

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I wish they had put a *tiny* bit more effort into creating transitions between songs, but overall this was quite a delight and pretty wide-ranging too.  And I Am Telling You got a laugh out of me, as well as the one line Tradition, but watching Andrew Rannells sing Book of Mormon again was something I didn't realize I needed this year.