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Tiny moments that have stuck with you  Oct 7 2020, 10:28:26 AM

The LCT revival of My Fair Lady when during "The Rain in Spain" Eliza, performed by Lauren Ambrose, realizes she's in love with Higgins.  That realization motivates her next song, "I Could Have Danced All Night." 

Need help...trying to sell my uncle's Playbills  Oct 5 2020, 08:36:51 AM

Looking around on Google, maybe $5 to $10.  If signed, more, maybe much more.

Showtunes that evoke nostalgia and maybe a little regret?  Sep 24 2020, 09:13:43 AM

from Mame "If he walked into my life today."  

from On a Clear Day You Can See Forever  "What Did I Have that I Don't Have?"

This one may be too triumphal in it's musical setting, but from Ragtime "You Can Never Go Back To Before"

Unpopular Opinions  Sep 14 2020, 08:39:06 AM

OK, I'll write it:

Hated Wicked.   And I hated The Prom.

I feel better now for having gotten this off my chest.

2009-2010 Musical Revivals  Sep 8 2020, 08:50:34 AM

I thought I saw the Bye, Bye, Birdie revival in its Chicago tryout run.  But that was actually an earlier tour and with a different cast.  In that tour, I thought Tommy Tune and Anne Reinking would be enough to brighten the whole show.  No.  Boring.  Didn't see the revival on Broadway later, with a quite different cast.

Promises, Promises has a challenging book.  For example, after the female lead attempts suicide late

re: Forgotten Musicals: 'Romance/Romance'  Sep 6 2020, 03:17:00 PM

Well, I agree the story is weak and some of the songs really good.  It ran 474 performances.  Lack luster by today's standards but not bad.   It's two one-acts, which rarely works to make an evening.  (Song and Dance, or A Day in Hollywood/A Night in Ukraine anyone?  There are always exceptions.  But maybe unwarranted.  Song  ran 474 performance opening in 1985 and Hollywood/Ukraine ra

re: What's a Charm Song?  Aug 31 2020, 10:24:47 AM

I think one needs care in identifying charm songs.  I googled the definition of a charm song and a site offered as an example "Wouldn't it be Loverly" from My Fair Lady.  That song is certainly charming but it's an "I want" song, a functional song.  After all the lyrics begin "All I want is a room somewhere..." It even references chocolates which will come up later in the show.  Eliza gets everything she wants except

Broadway Musicals with a Solo Piano Orchestration  Jul 19 2020, 09:04:18 AM

If you're looking for shows to do locally, in a n-f-p theater, a number of shows have versions for high school and even younger students.  The music is simplified and I believe they come with piano accompaniment score.

Question about all the GYPSY revivals  Jul 3 2020, 08:47:49 AM

Barry and Fran Weissler are strong marketing producers.  Their revivals of Grease and still running Chicago have been brilliantly promoted.  Not that Chicago wasn't great  in the theater to start with.  One thing they've been brilliant at is replacement casting and for these two shows, a kind of stunt casting: movie and TV personalities in a limited-run, small role.

As to the Tyne Daly Gypsy, IMHO her&#

How much is a Broadway theatre worth?  Jun 24 2020, 03:49:07 PM

Thanks, Hoganshero, I totally agree with everything.

How much is a Broadway theatre worth?  Jun 24 2020, 10:12:18 AM

I'd like to add two things to this discussion.

One is that many/most Broadway theaters are landmarks so they can't easily, parking lots, etc.  Many have already sold their air rights to other developers so they can't easily go up, anyway.

Two is that almost all the theaters are owned by privately owned corporations: Shubert Organization which owns the most theaters by far, Nederlander, Jujamcyn, or by not-for-profit theaters.  T

A Brokeback Mountain Musical  Jun 19 2020, 11:42:57 AM

Or a chorus line of singing and dancing cows.

The Moment You Became A BWAY Fan- A Chorus Line  Jun 15 2020, 08:15:49 AM

Well, I started with Gilbert and Sullivan but that's not BWAY.  My first trip to New York, I told my boyfriend that I wanted to see "A Chorus Line" which had recently opened, but I was sure I couldn't get tickets.  He said, mail a SASE to the box office with a check and see what happens. (Decoding for the younguns: SASE was a self-addressed, stamped envelope. A check was...oh, they still exist!) This was LONG ago and I got a standing room ticket by return mail

London West End and Broadway audiences...  Jun 13 2020, 03:04:22 PM

...sometimes respond differently to a show.  "Buddy" was a great success in London; big flop in NYC.  "Blood Brothers" ran and ran in London, 21 years, but only two years in NYC.  The Queen musical "We Will Rock You" had a healthy West End run and no producer has chanced it on Broadway.  It would be costly to make investment decisions solely because London audiences have enthusiastically applauded "Jamie." New York auds will or will

There is a difference among the shows referenced and Head Over Heels  Jun 13 2020, 02:54:23 PM

HOH didn't recoup on Broadway.

Be More Chill did not recoup its investment on Broadway  Jun 13 2020, 02:52:44 PM

One really good song.  As for the rest, soph show.

The Heiress - 1995  Jun 8 2020, 05:32:58 PM

I saw it.  I was very high in the balcony and though I couldn't see faces well, I saw the postures, the tension in bodies, and heard the tenor of the voices, the rate and deepness of breath.  This may have been the first time I saw Cherry Jones, but I knew Frances Sternhagen and Philip Bosco, knew their quality as actors.  I was deeply moved.  Had not seen the play nor read "Washington Square." This is now a long time ago, but I remember vividly two, rel

re: Effie White -- Does She Have To Be 'Heavy?'  May 13 2020, 08:37:35 AM

I was distantly acquainted  with Brenda Pressley who understudied Jennifer Holiday.  I remember (or think I do...I'm getting old.) Brenda wore a fat suit in the first act and when she removed her overcoat while singing "I Am Changing," she was Brenda's slim self.  (I Am Changing---get it?)

This may not be true.

New Shows to do in the Round?  May 9 2020, 11:30:35 AM

I depends on the invention of the creatives.  I've seen two musicals at Arena Stage in Washington that before seeing them, I would have thought couldn't be in the round.  Both productions were great, and greatly different.  Oklahoma! and On The Town.

Cruise Line Industry's Effect on Broadway  May 8 2020, 06:26:33 PM

Talking about the effect of the cruise line collapse on the professional theater, it might be better to think about the loss of work for performers and technicians.  The biggest ships hired the most folks.  

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