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2021 Broadway Season (for now)  Jan 18 2021, 01:23:44 AM
Each of the theaters in New World Stages is fewer than 500 seats though so if they do staggered start times or only open a few of the shows at a time it may not reach full capacity, so who knows how it's going to be classified.

2021 Broadway Season (for now)  Jan 17 2021, 11:22:22 PM
I missed Thoughts of a Colored Man earlier so thanks for the reminder!

I feel like we'll kind of see a trend of "safer" or more commercial musicals (like adaptations of popular movies or revivals of classics with big stars a la Music Man) while the plays will be the place for more thought provoking material. I like that we're seeing more diverse shows added to the lineup and definitely hope that that will be a continuing trend.

I don't know if Jersey Boys would make as much se

2021 Broadway Season (for now)  Jan 11 2021, 06:11:30 PM
Dominique Morisseau's Skeleton Crew to be presented by MTC in winter 2022:

The Ratatouille Musical is HAPPENING.  Jan 2 2021, 12:14:32 AM
There's been quite a few podcast musicals that have popped up, like Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors, In Strabge Woods, As the Curtain Rises, and The Latest Draft. I'd be interested to see if we get more from the TikTok sector though, and it would be a good way of gaining interest from a younger audience. At the same time, I wonder if more established musical theater composers will look to platforms like TikTok to showcase or demo new works.

Changes in shows?  Jan 1 2021, 07:19:38 PM

Charley Kringas Inc said: "Marry Me A Little" is a nice number to put in your cabaret act, but it has no business clogging up the end of Company's first act."

I actually think Marry Me A Little is a crucial moment in Company to show how much Bobby misunderstands the concept of marriage and unpacking more of his securities around tying the knot.  It's also a nice counterpoint to Being Alive where he learns to accept the good AND the bad that comes wi

2021 Broadway Season (for now)  Dec 31 2020, 03:06:18 PM

JBroadway said: "Thanks for compiling this!

Technically, West Side Story and Girl From the north Countrywouldn't belong on this list because they already had their official openings in the 2019-2020 season - it was only their Tony eligibility that was pushed back.Unless this list is designed to cover Tony eligibility, in which case Christmas Carol and American Utopia wouldn't be on the list.

I'm technically doing this for Tony eligibility (sin

2021-2022 Broadway Season (for now)  Dec 31 2020, 03:32:43 AM

For some reason, it looks like my original post got deleted, so I'm putting it up again.  Basically, these are the new shows that have been confirmed for the 2021 Broadway season (presuming that it happens).  Generally, I consider "confirmed" to include either an announced Broadway house or specific dates, but considering the circumstances, not all of these shows may strictly fit those definitions.

New Musicals
- Diana--Longacre Th

Changes in shows?  Dec 31 2020, 02:37:21 AM

As a super minor change, the addition of the last line with the octave jump in Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again definitely makes it a better moment for Christine.

Possibly a controversial take, but I think Merrily We Roll Along works better with the graduation scene to start the show.  It gives us a bit of impetus to the plot unfolding in a backwards fashion, and also I always thought it was weird to just start the show with the title song (which essentially has no bearing on t

2020: THE MUSICAL w/ Jimmy Fallon & Andrew Rannells  Dec 11 2020, 05:53:16 PM

I wish they had put a *tiny* bit more effort into creating transitions between songs, but overall this was quite a delight and pretty wide-ranging too.  And I Am Telling You got a laugh out of me, as well as the one line Tradition, but watching Andrew Rannells sing Book of Mormon again was something I didn't realize I needed this year.

New Cinderella Prince Song  Dec 11 2020, 05:50:09 PM

I like it a bit better than Bad Cinderella (of which I mostly liked the In My Own Little Corner segment) and I'm very curious to see how it fits into the rest of the show.  Ivano Turco seems to do quite well here and I'm looking forward to hearing more from him as well.

Also the full album is now available for preorder and it has 38 tracks, so either the show is pretty close to sung through or they've included a lot of dialogue tracks, which makes me even more curious.

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 17 2020, 12:27:45 AM

Somewhat facetious but also semi-serious question: for the best score Tony, do they put "Best Score (music and lyrics)" and thus have to change it to just "Best Score (music)" for this year?

Also, I'm curious about the best book of a musical category.  I'm in the minority that thought Jagged Little Pill flowed quite well and did a fairly good job tying together the different storylines.  Moulin Rouge, on the other hand, I felt was somewhat clunky (

HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING Virtual Production Runs 10/21 - 10/24  Oct 17 2020, 12:01:25 AM

I'm also a bit confused on what format this is going to take, since I think the zoom reading earlier this year also mentioned having the original sound/light/costume designers (as well as the original cast)

A Thread for Live Performances Happening in NY  Oct 9 2020, 12:22:30 PM

The Darryl Roth Theatre is producing the New York transfer of Blindness:

tbh not too sure what exactly this is, but it sounds pretty interesting

Studio Recordings vs. Live Recordings  Oct 9 2020, 12:19:48 PM

It definitely depends what I'm listening to and whether I want just one song or I'm listening to the whole album to re-experience the show, and part of that also depends on how much dialogue studio albums prefer to put in vs how much acting is done on the album.  For example, in Phantom of the Opera, when Christine sings Think of Me, she's supposed to start out timid and then become more confident, but if I just wanted to listen to that song alone, I'd rather just hear he

Miscast  Sep 20 2020, 01:22:50 PM
I thought I had donated but when I checked my credit card it didn't show a charge. Turns out I had to click the "complete payment" button under my account activity to complete the process, which wasn't clear to me at the time. I wonder if anyone else got tripped up on that too.

Seth / Karen Olivo on-demand concert  Sep 19 2020, 02:38:25 AM

Did you get an email? I got an email with a link automatically without purchasing it separately, but if you also go to and log in in the top right, you should also be able to see a link to it there.

Taylor Swift musical?  Aug 19 2020, 02:17:27 PM
I'd be a lot more interested in seeing her write an original musical than a jukebox or biopic (yes she's done some interesting things but I don't know if I want a musical about her life). What I'm most intrigued about is that a lot of her songs are self contained stories(even in folklore where the songs interconnect) so it would be interesting to see what she could do if she wrote all the songs to a larger story and if she could get that musical cohesion across the entire show and not just song

Diana going to Netflix  Aug 12 2020, 04:23:13 PM

Legally Blonde is a big one for filmed/aired while still running, and I've heard Jerry Mitchell say that he attributed a lot of the later Broadway/touring audience to people who had first seen it aired on MTV.  I believe Kate Shindle's also said something similar when she mentioned talking to people at stage door. 

To a lesser extent, I believe Daddy Long Legs was as well during the run off Broadway.  I think the interesting thing here is that despite the first f

Miscast  Aug 12 2020, 01:57:28 PM

They just announced September 13 at 8pm ET:

I'm just trying to figure out who the rest of the lineup could be

6 seems like Leslie Odom Jr. for sure, and 9 reminds me of Isaac Powell and 12 of Brian d'Arcy James.  14 looks like a possible Newsie and 2 is probably a jukebox role, but 1 is really stumping me.

2021 Broadway Season  Aug 12 2020, 11:53:48 AM

In a frankly somewhat baffling move, Diana has rescheduled to May 2021 with a filmed version on Netflix early 2021 and cast album tba

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