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Kaye Ballard Documentary

Deena Jones
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Kaye Ballard Documentary

Posted: 7/20/20 at 12:07pm

Has anyone seen it?  Looking forward to watching tonight!

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Kaye Ballard Documentary

Posted: 7/20/20 at 12:15pm

I didn't realize they were airing it again this week. Watched it both times last week and really loved it.

"I hope your Fanny is bigger than my Peter." Mary Martin to Ezio Pinza opening night of Fanny.
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Kaye Ballard Documentary

Posted: 7/20/20 at 12:26pm


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Patti LuPone FANatic
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Kaye Ballard Documentary

Posted: 7/22/20 at 9:22pm

It was wonderful.  It's too bad she never had the chance to do "Gypsy" on Broadway.  In this documentary, I learned that she introduced "Maybe This Time", written personally for her by Fred Ebb.

"Noel [Coward] and I were in Paris once. Adjoining rooms, of course. One night, I felt mischievous, so I knocked on Noel's door, and he asked, 'Who is it?' I lowered my voice and said 'Hotel detective. Have you got a gentleman in your room?' He answered, 'Just a minute, I'll ask him.'" (Beatrice Lillie)
Updated On: 7/22/20 at 09:22 PM
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Kaye Ballard Documentary

Posted: 7/23/20 at 1:54am

Was she ever considered for a Broadway run of Gypsy?   I think she would have been great in the role.

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Kaye Ballard Documentary

Posted: 7/25/20 at 10:15am

I watched the Julie Andrews Cinderella last night. Had no clue she was in it. A very pleasant surprise.

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