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Netflix’s THE PROM movie musical to be released Dec. 11  Sep 14 2020, 08:49:04 AM

Although I don't like Streep in musicals, and I am a big fan of hers, I am looking forward to this. It was my favorite musical that season. I also found the art work for the Broadway show fun. 

Dr Fauci Says...  Sep 13 2020, 10:11:17 AM

Jordan Catalano said: "That’s not what he said, Roxy. He said it’ll be at least a year until things are back to normal where we can go into a theater without a mask and have it be a “normal” experience.

Of course you say all the time how you’ve blocked me so you won’t see this response.

He will now. And yes Jordan is correct, he was saying without a mask. There was some confusion over this (It was a conversation wit

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Sep 12 2020, 10:33:44 PM

Eddie3 said: "Brantley did a reasonable job, but the late great Mel Gussow should have got the gigin the first place. I don't think Jesse Green is up to the task. To some extent, in the age of "everyone's a critic," the job is not that necessary any more.


I agree regarding Jesse Green. I really enjoyed him on Theater Talk but don't care for him as a critic for the Times.



Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked  Sep 12 2020, 12:44:34 PM

She put an indelible stamp on that role. I have seen her and 2 others perform it live (Along with a number of videos of others) and, for me, Kassebaum and Ashford (Who I only saw video of)  were the only ones who came close to Cheno's performance. I feel there personalities lent a lot to their performances. I had listened to the cast recording a million times before seeing the OBC in the spring of 2004. Seeing her, actually both of them, live was everything I kind of hoped it wo

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Sep 12 2020, 11:26:52 AM
I wish Theater Talk was still around. He would have been a nice addition to that panel.

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Sep 11 2020, 08:34:40 PM
Wick3 said: "I’m guessing next time he goes to the theatre he’ll have to pay for a ticket versus getting a media comp from the producers."

Which he can probably afford to do and won't mind doing.

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Sep 11 2020, 04:08:42 PM

Or maybe he just decided he wanted to retire. He has been with the Times for 24 years. He is 65 years old. He is probably set for the rest of his life.

ALW is the leader we need / Hal Prince Phantom to Return  Sep 11 2020, 03:52:47 PM

I know some people think he is doing things for the money, so to speak. The Covid thing and all of this news about Phantom. I sensed his love for theatre in this video.  You can tell how much he misses it. And that's his baby. JMO

Samantha Barks / First Date  Sep 2 2020, 05:45:42 PM
Loved this show. I saw it on Broadway and purposely got a ticket while Levi was out during previews for that prior commitment. I wanted to see Eric Ankrim, who originated the role in Seattle. I really enjoyed his performance on Broadway.

Documentary on Stephen Schwartz in development for 2021  Sep 2 2020, 02:28:15 PM

I am really looking forward to this.

If You Could Give a Concert of Ten Theatre Songs, What is Your Set?  Sep 1 2020, 06:33:03 PM
With a choir and special duet guests:

So Familiar (Original version) - Bright Star
Down Home - Purlie
Why am I me? - Shenandoah
Answer Me - The Band's Visit
Take Me to the World - Evening Primrose
No More - Into The Woods
The Butterfly - The Story of My Life
Waiting For the Girls Upstairs - Follies
She Cries - Songs For A New World
And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) - Evita

 Sep 1 2020, 05:31:42 PM
I just finished reading the sample on Kindle. I will probably skip this one. It covers a lot of shows but not a lot of new info or insight. A lot of things I already knew.

Favorite Glinda?  Aug 31 2020, 03:48:05 AM

Ravenclaw said: "For me, it's Chenoweth--no competition. Not only was the role tailored to her vocal talents (nobody has sung the soprano sections better, in my opinion), but she lit up the stage with a true star energy. Brantley's review was tepid for the show on the whole but a love letter to her performance. Many Glindas get big laughs but lose the stakes of the story, while others land the emotional arc but miss some of the humor. Chenoweth delivered on both fronts and cr

Favorite Glinda?  Aug 31 2020, 12:26:01 AM

Chenoweth is my favorite. I have seen 3. Kassebaum is my second favorite (Saw her on the tour)

MTV Video Music Awards Aug in NYC  Aug 30 2020, 11:38:41 PM

It sounded like some songs were re-recorded to sound live. I actually enjoyed the whole show. Not a Black Eyed Peas fan so the finale didn't thrill me.

MTV Video Music Awards Aug in NYC  Aug 30 2020, 10:09:15 PM
Thanks for sharing that Tag.

I heard about those fireworks! Now we know what was behind them.

MTV Video Music Awards Aug in NYC  Aug 30 2020, 09:39:01 PM
Tag said: "Pretty sure everything is pre-taped and in multiple venues.

(ie. everyone freaked out at the Hudson River fireworks, which was 2 nights ago)

Ahh. I ran to my kitchen window to see if I could hear the fireworks. I hope we find out how they pulled all of this off. I am impressed.

MTV Video Music Awards Aug in NYC  Aug 30 2020, 09:03:17 PM
I am watching and so far they are pulling this off quite well.

Over the years I lost track of all of the new artists with such a sea of music out there. But I always like to tune into the awards to hear what is out there. The awards performances are always fun to watch. For me, they are not disappointing.

Kind of hard to tell where what is happening. A LOT of video screens. I am assuming the actual presentations are taking place inside (Barclay's maybe?). Maluma did a live perf

Michael Reidel - New York Post  Aug 29 2020, 12:59:43 PM

Mr Roxy said: "Post basically threw in the towel re broadway long before the shutdown .Post bounced him. They than made Vincentelli critic for a short while before she was dumped. Not sure if they even had one now. If so person probably paid a set feefor each review

Reidel has a new book coming out for Simon and Schuster 11/10. It is called Singular Sensation Sunset Blvd to The Lion King .It is $29 and $14.90 for Nook. Assume it will eventually go to Kindle.

What is your Most loved Episode from any TV show   Aug 29 2020, 12:53:51 PM

Most definitely the final episode of "Six Feet Under"

The "Newhart" series finale was brilliant

The "Cosby" episode where the family sings "Night and Day" to the grandparents

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