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I Was On Stage With Mary Martin  Jan 18 2021, 12:54:31 PM

Considering the young woman who played Liesl in the original Broadway production is still alive, it isn't out of the question that there are still those out there who shared the stage with Martin.  Now, you just have to get them on Broadway World.

Netflix's THE PROM official thread/reviews/reactions  Dec 15 2020, 05:01:21 PM

Owen22 said: "An interesting (queer) reaction and comparison of the show to the Netflix film:

Interesting, yes. Thanks for sharing. Confirms what I was thinking. Couldn’t get past the the lead’s grinning at the beginning of the movie either.

Netflix's THE PROM official thread/reviews/reactions  Dec 14 2020, 10:54:48 PM

I saw the show on Broadway too and while it wouldn't be up there alongside my favorite musicals I still found it a fun evening out at the theater.

I enjoyed the Netflix feature as well, though I will always much prefer the stage productions of any musical.  

Sure the sets and the realistic nature put into a film will give it way more dimension. That goes without saying. But the simplicity of what a set can be on a stage can really make the story stand

Chad Kimball  Dec 6 2020, 03:41:03 PM

ScottyDoesn'tKnow2 said: "I never find that the act abortion is the ONLY thing you disagree with with a person. It usually comes with other attitudes as well. I think most people who are vehemently pro-choice are pro-choice because they came to that position after tons of research into the origins of abortion bans, they see reproductive rights as a part of a larger picture of women's rights, and are well-versed in how the history of western civilization has all been about con

ANNIE (1977 Original Broadway Cast)  Nov 29 2020, 09:12:14 AM

Thanks for the responses, all.
I wonder how many auditions she’s had over the years for various and sundry shows that have hit the boards and that we’ve seen that she didn’t get.
We’ve all read about this actor or that actor in Hollywood who was up for some big role but someone else got it, or they passed on it for something else.
Wonder how many she’s put her name in for and got passed on.
She does have a good voice still it seems.
I do

ANNIE (1977 Original Broadway Cast)  Nov 28 2020, 03:53:35 PM
AM had such great stage presence and an amazing voice. Still really good last I heard. Why hasn’t she done more in recent years, especially considering last time I saw her interviewed she really does want to do Broadway again.

Is a white person playing a role  Nov 25 2020, 02:03:41 PM

Again, you have to look at the definition of racism.

Some choices, some behaviors, and a lot of actions and words will most certainly fall under that definition.

This country, and this world, has a long way to go when it comes to race relations, and the problem that still confronts us with racism.  There is no denying that.

But seeing racism in everything is not helpful either.  The word is getting thrown around a lot, even in circumstances where it

Hellen Mirren Against Reading Shakespeare in Schools  Nov 25 2020, 01:37:20 PM

It depends on how and where it's taught.

I spent many years as a teacher and I "moonlighted" as the musical director at our school using a wide variety of MTI materials over the years as well.

I taught a gifted class though and I was expected to expand their learning to include topics and studies that went beyond the curriculum. I was also expected to teach with attention to depth and complexity.  I had 5th and 6th graders reading at the high school and even c

Was anyone just at the SCOTTSBORO BOYS?  Nov 2 2020, 06:23:51 PM
Truly one of my favorites. Such an emotional and moving show. An important show. I wish it could have had a longer run. An amazing cast led by the always exceptional Joshua Henry!

Shuffle Along lawsuit- resolution?  Oct 25 2020, 12:54:19 PM

HogansHero said: "Alex Kulak2 said: "As long as I live I’ll never understand why they didn’t just replace McDonald. Obviously, she’s Audra Freaking McDonald, she’s irreplaceable, but they didn’t even try."

the show was a misfire WITH her.

Which is what makes theater so great.  Totally subjective and open to personal tastes.

I know there are those who didn't like it for one reason or another

Shuffle Along lawsuit- resolution?  Oct 25 2020, 12:49:15 PM

gypsy101 said: "so they didn’t get any money?

i’m still mad they didn’t produce a cast recording if only for the fact that Adrienne Warren’s performance of I’m Craving for That Kind of Love still haunts my memories 4.5 years later and the fact that it went unrecorded is a crime against humanity on par with human trafficking.

I wish they had too!  I really enjoyed the show.

Marge Champion has died  Oct 25 2020, 12:41:46 PM

What a life! So amazing to see the longevity, and think about what these great artists saw in their lifetime.  

She was already 46 years old when I was born, and I feel like I've been around forever.  

Such sad news!!   And one of the few left who could tell stories of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

I regret not seeing...  Oct 25 2020, 12:37:44 PM

The original, or revival, of Nine.

Shows I'm glad I took a chance on...  Oct 25 2020, 12:34:26 PM

Bright Star. Decided on a whim to pick up a ticket while I was in NYC. I had already seen everything I wanted to see.  Walking by the Cort I figured, what the hell.   I really enjoyed it!   I know many would argue the book was predictable in many ways, but Carmen Cusack sold it for me.  I became a huge fan.  Instantly.  And I loved the music.

The other odd choice, I know, because of the raves it got and the Best Musical conten

Joseph and the Technicolor dreamcoat thoughts  Aug 20 2020, 10:45:53 PM

I saw the Michael Damian revival but caught that version on tour with Sam Harris.  Harris blew the ceiling off the theater when he sang "Close Every Door."  That last note held was beyond incredible.  Didn't get a standing ovation but it stopped the show for a bit.

I wasn't sure what to expect of the musical as I was not real familiar with the music or the show, but my friends and I really liked it a lot.

And the Joseph Megamix at

The King and I 1996  Aug 6 2020, 10:26:47 AM
I thought it was a great production. Murphy knocked it out of the park (better than O’Hara IMO), the production values were outstanding, and Jose Llana sang the hell out of his role, especially in “I Have Dreamed.” WAY better than Ricamora. Personal opinion.

Ralph Macchio in How To Succeed  Aug 1 2020, 05:37:55 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "So nice when folks link what is being mentioned. I’m just sayin’.




Ralph Macchio in How To Succeed  Jul 31 2020, 11:02:21 PM

TheGingerBreadMan said: "Jarethan - thanks for sharing that! I'm sure it was disappointing but I'm glad that you enjoyed what you saw of his performance.

Brody - thanks for the videos! I've never been able to get over how young he's always looked. He was in his mid 30s when he played this role yet he looks like he's in his early 20s in those videos. It's great to know that footage of his performance exists.

theatreguy - how cool that you

Ralph Macchio in How To Succeed  Jul 30 2020, 06:39:42 PM

I first saw Broderick/Mullally on Broadway and, of course, loved MB in the role.  I thought he tapped into that smarmy personality he did so well with Bueller.    

I later caught Macchio on the national tour here in CA and I thought he was good.  He definitely held his own, and I certainly didn't walk out of the theater with any sense of 'yikes, that was a misfire.'  As I have with the performances of other "movie" people ta

Kaye Ballard Documentary  Jul 23 2020, 01:54:18 AM

Was she ever considered for a Broadway run of Gypsy?   I think she would have been great in the role.

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