Professional Guidance Need

Professional Guidance Need#1
Posted: 7/14/19 at 10:53pm


I am writing this message in hopes to get some guidance in what in the world I should do. I am a 23 year old graduate student currently attending grad school to become a speech pathologist but it's not what I wanna do. my whole i've been involved in the world of music. I have been singing since the 3rd grade. Entering into college I wasn't sure if being a singer is what I wanted to do. so I switched to speech pathology. after graduating with my bachelors a friend of mine suggest I audition with her for a musicals (heathers). I was pretty apprehensive and I didn't wanna initially do it. but I needed up doing it. I got casted and the rest is history. I LOVED it. I was waiting to hear from graduate schools for speech pathology so I had a lot of free time. I started auditioning for ever show I could. So immediately after heathers I went and did legally blonde, and then little shop of horrors (which I landed my first lead role of Seymour). all this to say when I got the phone call that I got into graduate school I was a little bummed, I almost felt free. I told myself to give its  year and if I hated it I could figure it out. while it's been a year.. and my heart still craves to be on stage. I have a year left in my masters, I am pretty sure I'm going to finish so I have a source of income so I can pursue this dream. But where do I even start?? do I go back to school?? do I just keep auditioning for local shows and work my way up to bigger theaters?? I know I need more training in how to acting and dance but i just have no idea what to do next. PLEASE HELP ME