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Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco

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Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco#1
Posted: 7/6/17 at 10:40pm

Not certain if this is common knowledge or not, but San Francisco's Golden Gate theatre will close after the current touring production of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time.  It will be refurbished over the course of one year and no production has been currently announced for the reopening.  According to my source the work on the theatre will be strictly cosmetic.  I did posit the idea of a sit-down production of Hamilton reopening the GG, but that was not confirmed.

As a side note, my theatre-going group will be attending TCIOTDITN this coming Sunday, July 9.  It will be my fourth time seeing the show.  Once on Broadway and three times for the touring production.

Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco#2
Posted: 7/6/17 at 11:26pm

THANK GOD. That theatre really needs it. When I saw Hair in 2011 it was so bad. I just saw the King and I at the theatre it is awful. It is a shame because SF needs good theatre. However, you are wrong on one thing. I went to the SHN website and it says On Your Feet opens September 11 2018 in the theatre. 

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Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco#3
Posted: 7/7/17 at 12:27am

That makes sense, with Hamilton leaving the Orpheum in early August. The regular season can start there.

I have some fondness for the Golden Gate, despite its many flaws. The sound is good, at least, and I like the orchestra seats. I don't mind the bathrooms, because they're easily accessible even if the stairs are a little dangerous. But the interior setup makes little sense, with too much room in the lobby and not enough in the hallway outside the theater itself.

But the refurbished Curran really does set an impressive standard. 

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Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco#4
Posted: 7/7/17 at 12:47am

The Golden Gate is a horrible theater. Its way too big and with musicals having to place the orchestra in front of the stage instead of in a pit under the stage, the theater lacks any sense of intimacy. I always feel a million miles away even when sitting orchestra only a few rows back.

I hope that the renovations consider these issues.

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Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco#5
Posted: 7/7/17 at 12:50am

I'm glad it is finally getting a much needed makeover.  A year will be plenty of time to get things done before it opens again in September 2018 for On Your Feet and Waitress after that.  Looking forward to seeing it once its all completed.

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Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco#6
Posted: 7/7/17 at 1:06am

I wonder if this was prompted by Carole's refurbishing of the Curran, or if it's been in the works for a while. 

Now if they could also refurbish the neighborhood around it. Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco 

BTW...and one million apologies for any thread hijacking, but rather than start a new thread...are there plans to change the SHNSF acronym now that the "SH" is long gone from the organization? 

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Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco#7
Posted: 7/7/17 at 10:13am

Where did you hear this, OP?

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