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Hedwig writers defend non-trans casting in cancelled production  Nov 27 2020, 02:48:36 AM

Jordan Catalano said: "sparksatmidnight said: "ahhrealmonsters, you can also check out the movie, a really superb adaptation for the screen (with John Cameron Mitchell himself as Hedwig)"

The film is one of the best stage to screen adaptations ever made and (in my opinion) the soundtrack is far and away better than the OCR.

I debated which version to get for a while and chose the soundtrack. The only thing that bugs me ab

Recuperating from Covid and back on BWW  Nov 19 2020, 03:28:07 AM

I am glad to hear you and your husband are both on the mend and hope things continue to go well (including with the insurance battles).

I regret not seeing...  Oct 30 2020, 04:50:37 AM

Adams3 said: "The second act of The Great Comet. "

You had to leave, or you didn’t like the first act (and now regret departing)?

Shuffle Along lawsuit- resolution?  Oct 26 2020, 01:45:23 AM

I had forgotten the show's falloff after the Tonys, not because they couldn't fill seats but because the average ticket price dropped a lot. Rudin had to look at that, see Audra McDonald's departure looming and decide to cut his losses even though it was an ensemble show.

While that season was a strong one for musicals, and I ended up not seeing several good shows during our spring trip, I'm still glad I saw Shuffle Along in previews. The cast was fantasti

Brian Dennhey in Death of Salesman - FREE!  Oct 26 2020, 01:22:03 AM

I had no reference points to which to compare this production, but I thought it was well-acted all around with a terrific performance by Dennehy at its center. I also thought Ron Eldard - who replaced Kevin Anderson by the time the play was filmed - did a nice job as Biff, conveying his vulnerability.

One of the production's strengths, for me, is that the performances by Dennehy and the cast blow past its more didactic moments. Dennehy isn't just some Everyman victim. He is bot

HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING Virtual Production Runs 10/21 - 10/24  Oct 25 2020, 02:32:18 AM

I forgot it was just live productions. Oh, well. 

What The Constitution Means To Me is now on Prime  Oct 16 2020, 03:47:36 AM

Between this show and Death of a Salesman and Heroes of the Fourth Turning, it's a flurry of interesting theater I've never seen that's now available. I missed What the Constitution Means to Me when it was at the Berkeley Rep, so I'm interested to see it. And I have never seen Death of a Salesman, oddly enough.

So I have some good theater to look forward to, even if it's on TV. 

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 04:14:53 PM

quizking101 said: "Tag said: "The biggest loser today is Aaron. If he wins (which is obviously likely) he'll always carry the burden of winning the default Tony."

To me, that’s better than Chris McCarrell, who was shut out of a maximum two-man horse race.

It's basically Tony voters saying, everything about your show is so bad we won't nominate anything from it just to fill in a few categories. But if I'm McCarrell,

2020 Tony Nominations Thread  Oct 15 2020, 12:48:04 PM

I sympathize with the folks running the Tonys. There wasn't really a good option here, especially with any sort of Broadway reopening decidedly uncertain in terms of timing. But it all feels totally irrelevant.

On the bright side, I saw a Tony-nominated play on Broadway, with the choice of the revival of Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune - which wouldn't have happened if the season had played out normally. It all feels so long ago, because it was so long ago.

What musical are you listening to/have listened to in quarantine?  Sep 27 2020, 05:17:51 AM

I've gone into a bit of a lull as far as musicals, but I've been making an exception lately for Great Comet. Listening to it again brings back some terrific memories of seeing the show, picturing it all in the mind's eye. 

I only saw the musical once, on Broadway, and marveled at it then. (It was certainly my favorite of the strong 2016-17 season, which puts me in the minority.) But I hadn't listened to it for a while, and my wife - who liked the show at t

Filming at What the Constitution Means to Me  Sep 18 2020, 03:26:33 AM

I was very pleased to see this news. I have kicked myself for missing the play when it was at the Berkeley Rep before it headed to Broadway, and I didn't see it there either due to other commitments during my trip last year.

So finally, I'll get my chance to see it.

Thoughts on Theater 5 months into The Shutdown  Sep 9 2020, 04:38:12 AM

HogansHero said: "I don't think Broadway will achieve its new normal before the fall of '21. I've been saying that since March, and nothing has happened to alter that. If anything, the absurd way that the virus is being disrespected in large parts of the country is cause for even that being hard to achieve. (And remember, too, that my thinking is based almost entirely on audience dynamics, not epidemiology.)"

Fall of 2021 seems like the most optimistic I

Time For A Gypsy Revival  Sep 9 2020, 04:21:44 AM

This show has become something like Hello, Dolly or The Music Man. It will sell with a big enough star as Rose, as long as that actor is in it. Hello, Dolly had enough goodwill and good reviews to do OK with Bernadette Peters, but it hadn't been revived a million times the way Gypsy has been.

At best, a Gypsy revival makes a modest profit.

Thoughts on Theater 5 months into The Shutdown  Aug 28 2020, 04:25:46 AM

I'm with Mr. Wormwood.

I don't live in New York City and never attended every show in existence in my home in the San Francisco Bay Area. But during the pandemic, I watched taped local productions that had to shut down, eagerly consumed old shows on BroadwayHD for a while or recorded shows on YouTube or Hamilton on Disney+.  I went through a Sondheim kick, seeing a bunch of shows I hadn't seen in person. 

Whenever it's safe to sit in a cro

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall  Aug 24 2020, 04:14:00 AM

This whole thing feels unsurprisingly odd. I'll toss out a few random comments:

- The only show of the truncated season I ended up seeing was Frankie and Johnny. The performances were good, the play didn't really work for me. I suspect it gets passed over, as there is a fair amount of legitimate competition among the plays.

-  Ordinarily, I would say the Best Play winner gets a boost on tour. But that may not matter this time because who knows when plays ca

Hadestown film?  Aug 13 2020, 01:35:54 AM

In some ways, it might work better as a film because while I really liked the stage show, it drags a bit during the second act. Animation or a highly stylized approach could work.

What the stage show does very well is immerse the audience in the world of the musical. That's why it almost always seems like a shadow of itself on television, with the odd exception being the performance on the CBS Sunday morning show of "Wait for Me II" thanks in large part to Eva Noblezada.<

Diana going to Netflix  Aug 13 2020, 01:22:30 AM

If it can be done safely, I'm all for it.

I am definitely not the target audience for this production. I don't care about the Royal Family, or Diana, and the reviews have been decidedly mixed.

But it would be foolish not to recognize the fascination Diana and the Royal Family holds here. The producers have nothing to lose. Their show, unlike most, will be recorded for posterity - and that might even drive some ticket sales if people like it. Neither does N

 Aug 9 2020, 04:24:45 AM

There were a few times when I wished the documentary told me more, but there was only so much time, and it does a nice job tying together Ashman's creative spirit as a child entertaining his little sister and the adult who was the perfect fit to bring Disney animation back. It was almost surreal seeing that Katzenberg letter wooing Ashman, given what was to come. 

I'm also glad Disney+ didn't put it on Hulu. The company gets a lot of deserved grief, but they did right

Great Gastby Musical  Aug 5 2020, 03:52:30 AM

While I'm not necessarily a believer in JBroadway's "Anything can be turned into a musical if done right" school, I agree that Great Comet is the right model for a Gatsby adaptation. I certainly never thought I would see a musical adaptation of War and Peace that turned out to be one of my favorite shows. Pick an idea that captures the spirit of the novel without being wedded to the literal text. Because I've seen a show that gave me the literal te

BERNADETTE WAS ROBBED  Aug 5 2020, 03:34:12 AM

This thread is funny, and I get a kick out of the fact that qoIbinau is still bugged by this. But I get it, especially as a fan of Peters myself. And it's not like we have a bunch of new theater to discuss, so why not this? I haven't the slightest idea whether Bernadette Peters was "robbed," as I didn't see any of the performances live - though I did see a lousy YouTube version of the Washington, D.C. tryout of Follies. I know people had

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