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Profile: I've been organizing theatre groups in the San Francisco, CA area for over 30 years, starting with BEATLEMANIA at SF's Orpheum Theatre. It's not a business, just "What I Did [Do] For Love."

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Lea Michele Twitter  Jun 3 2020, 11:42:25 PM

SmoothLover said: "Pass me the smelling salts.This thread is shocking..."

I love a good B!tch Fight. 

Ryan Murphy's HOLLYWOOD on Netflix  May 6 2020, 03:39:49 AM

SmoothLover said: "I did not see Boys In The Band with Parsons on Broadway but the thought crossed my mind that he might have given the same performance. AS I recallhis a Broadway reviews were not very good. I feel like I waswatching an interpretation of Harold from BITB when I watched Parsonsin Hollywood. I think there was a directorial choice in Hollywood that did not help matters and that was to ask the actors to interpret their performances as if they were in an old a Hollywood m

Ryan Murphy's HOLLYWOOD on Netflix  May 5 2020, 02:18:49 AM

I think it rather odd that no one on this board noticed the resemblance between Jim Parsons interpretation of his HOLLYWOOD character and the character of Michael who he played in the Broadway revival of The Boys In The Band (Ryan Murphy's Netflix adaptation recently filmed and awaiting release). "Show Queen Short Term Memory Loss" happens to the best of us, I suppose.


What's the 1st show you're planning to see when the quarantine is over?  Apr 15 2020, 09:32:42 PM

HAMILTON: Premiere revival, 2030.

ROCK OF AGES has been filmed for release  Apr 10 2020, 03:12:30 AM
Think it will be an improvement over the fillum with Tommy Cruise?

Beetlejuice Musical's Future in Question After Broadway's Coronavirus Shutdown Extends Through June  Apr 10 2020, 03:09:06 AM

VotePeron said: "The day there are no more Beetlejuice threads on this board asking for the 100th time if it’s transferring (it’s not) will be an amazing day. "

I second that emotion General Peron.

WHEN WILL THEY ANNOUNCE  Apr 7 2020, 12:52:21 AM
File under "Don't Rain On My Parade":

Some of us will be dead by the time Broadway rebounds.
Chew on that for a bit.

TIGER KING: THE MUSCAL  Mar 31 2020, 12:02:22 AM
What's a "Muscal"* ? Perspiring Minds Want To Know.

As for Tiger King The Musical IMHO there is nothing anyone of us can do to stop an inevitable production in some way, shape or form. Howzabout Shaiman & Whittman to write the score?

* "The muscal is a variety of panpipe consisting of from eight to 24 wooden tubes of varying length, held together in a bow-shaped leather casing. Each tube produces a single whistling sound, the pitch of which depends on the size of the tube."

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Mar 17 2020, 02:06:08 AM

CATS is now an award-winning fillum.  At The Razzies.  Six awards, including "best" picture.

Vanity Fair First Look at WEST SIDE STORY film  Mar 16 2020, 07:32:53 PM

Re the clip:  IN THE HEIGHTS goes retro!

Vanity Fair First Look at WEST SIDE STORY film  Mar 16 2020, 06:27:25 PM

Where are the video projections?    Oooopsie.  Wrong iteration.

Girl From the North Country Broadway Reviews  Mar 6 2020, 04:27:48 PM

fashionguru_23 said: "I saw the production with what was considered the "West End Revival" cast when they came over to Toronto. (I wonder if casting had anything to do with it...the OBC are all fantastic performers that I would love to see) Personally, I think the show is a flaming mound of garbage. I usually try to get a show I didn't care for (Once or Cats) a second chance, but with this one, my self essteem isn't that low that I'd put myself through it again.

No More Backstage Visits At Broadway Shows  Mar 6 2020, 04:08:09 PM
Official word, por favor.

Hamilton San Francisco  Mar 6 2020, 04:06:50 PM
Remember that we'll be getting Moulin Rouge at the Orpheum summer of 2021. I'm certain the touring productions for upcoming Broadway SF seasons will land there (and the Golden Gate).

Hamilton San Francisco  Mar 6 2020, 02:30:57 PM
Group leaders were just informed that the run at the Orpheum will end September 5 of this year.

Sunday In The Park With George.  Mar 4 2020, 10:18:10 PM

This contemporary picture make me wistful for a remounting of the original theatrical production. 

TAKE ME OUT will be using Yondr pouches  Mar 3 2020, 08:28:58 PM
I am so happy that this is happening and hope for the day the pouches are used in every theatre. Attended an Ellen Degeneres event at San Francisco's Davies Symphony Hall (capacity is 2700+ seats) and we were in and out in no time, as the ushers were at every exit to unlock the pouches.
And remember that you keep the pouch with you at all times.

Broadway trip - Times Square/midtown hotels with no resort fees  Feb 25 2020, 10:57:52 PM
I still stand by my favorite, tiny-rooms-yet-wonderful Pod Times Square. The location is absolutely pluperfect for theatergoers. No Times Square noisy crowds. Very clean, tons of wi-fi options and great staff. I'll be hopping literally a few feet away to see Little Shop Of Horrors.

THE LAST SHIP - STING  Feb 25 2020, 12:59:11 AM

Attending with my group of 15 on March 20.  Am interested in the piece more from a production values aspect, but am hopeful re the score and story.

WEST SIDE STORY reviews: opens Feb 20 2020  Feb 21 2020, 03:11:10 AM

A Director said: "The poster with only men looks like a Benetton ad. The photos posted by Robbie2 look like scenes from soft core porn."

With a BIG nod to Herb Ritts and Robert Mapplethorpe.

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