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CEO of Equity Salary $400,000 while 99% of actors equity now unemployed  Jul 13 2020, 01:37:33 AM

The CEO of our nonprofit makes $275K and I’d actually approve of him getting an INCREASE given he appears to be working 24/7 and is often in the news as an expert in our field.  

“Nonprofit” does not mean low salaries. It means your board members do not profit off the work the way for profit board members do. We serve thousands and thousands of low income folks — exponentially more now — and without our CEOs outstanding leadership, I fear

Wear Hamilton Merchandise ?  Jul 8 2020, 11:06:28 PM
Masks get soggy if you spit as much as Jonathan. 😁

Wear Hamilton Merchandise ?  Jul 8 2020, 06:46:41 PM

Reminds me of my great aunt, who was quite ahead of her time. She got a PhD from Stanford and was a pilot, before woman did these things in large numbers. She was a Spanish professor and traveled extensively in Central and South America. My sister saw the original production of EVITA and she loved wearing the tshirt. My aunt who was normally calm and fun to be around flew off the handle when my sister wore it to a family gathering. "She was an evil, evil woman! You should be ashamed

Hamilton Broadway Coming to Disney Plus July 3  Jul 8 2020, 06:41:20 PM

Did anyone here attend one of the tapings, or know if the audience was asked to reduce their applause or cheers? Or did they remove this in post production? For instance, when LMM makes his first appearance, or any lead entered, the audience erupted. But in the film there is silence. Maybe these were the closeups taped without an audience? 

The Muppets HAMILTON  Jul 8 2020, 03:18:10 PM

I spit out my coffee on Animal's opening "You say..." 

LOL This is beyond awesome. 

And nice to see the lesser-known Janice getting a spotlight as Peggy. 

Not having Betsy Struxness in the Hamilton movie does a disservice to the show  Jul 8 2020, 02:15:05 AM

itsjustmejonhotmailcom said: "Groff made a name for himself in lead roles on the stage and on the screen. I have no doubt that Betsy is talented and worked her butt off in Hamilton, but nobody was tuning into Hamilton to see an ensemble member."

I did! I adore Thayne and Jon and my eye always finds them and focuses on them. Yeah, it's mainly because I think they are both very attractive, but Thayne especially has nice moves. I also like seeing Carleigh, easy to s

Nick Cordero Theatre  Jul 8 2020, 01:50:31 AM

This will all blow over and go away in a week or two. Social media today has a way of magnifying and intensifying ideas that shouldn't go beyond a couple thoughtful and well-meaning people sitting in a bar chatting about an idea. Same thing with Whoopi and the "Great White Way" kerfuffle. Is anyone still working on changing that? With all the info that blasts us everyday, we humans have short attention spans. 

Let's focus our energy on getting the industry back u

Cirque goes bankrupt  Jun 30 2020, 09:10:23 PM

blaxx said: "
No one is going to go to Vegas, just to pump the slots all day, they need a distraction. So if the Cirque goes then so will the Strip, even the casinos used to give out free show tickets with dinner, as oddly enough people bet more, if they were taken away and went back. Sotherefore I cannot see the hotel owners allowing Cirque du Soleilto go bankrupt.


Oh love, there was Vegas before Cirque and there could be Vegas withou

Cirque goes bankrupt  Jun 30 2020, 09:07:47 PM

SouthernCakes said: "Was in callbacks to be a singer for La Reve and just loved the show! So cool!"

That's wonderful! The singers are such an important part of the show, and the music in general. I actually email Benoit Jutras to let him know how much I loved his score. I also asked if it was available commercially, but he said no, since CD sales are down. But I bet if they offered it on iTunes, et al it would sell. It's spectacular. I hope you get called bac

Cirque goes bankrupt  Jun 30 2020, 01:28:32 AM

I’m not a huge CdS fan, at least not today...same acts, just different costumes. But I did see O and while I quite enjoyed it — THAT curtain! — I found myself watching the massive rigging over the stage moving back and forth (we were in row B or C so had a good view of that.) 

I’ve also seen Le Reve and agree it is a better show, Intimate theater, no seat more than I think 15 rows away. We splurged for the VIP (last row) and could see just fine. We were als

The Great "Bright" Way  Jun 25 2020, 06:10:54 PM

Do people still use the term "Great White Way" that often? I don't live in NYC so maybe they do there.

Just seems like one small comment that is getting way too much attention thanks to social media. Not everything is racist. This is no white privilege agenda behind every single term or phrase. 

King Kong Cast Recording  Jun 14 2020, 01:38:47 PM

perfectliar said: "Tbo3 said: "But how can that be? Every Show gets a Recording...thinking about „Getting the Band back together“..."

No, they don't. They cost money to make, and some producers are willing to shell it out for poorly received shows in hopes that copies sell as a reference for future regional and community productions (like Getting the Band Back Together).

This. Same is true for TUCK EVERLASTING. Why would

Opinion on cats  Jun 14 2020, 01:27:36 PM

I rarely think about it anymore, but it was the first big splashy Broadway show I saw -- that being the first tour that sat down in San Francisco for, what was it, 1 or 2 years? It was magical to me and I saw it 3 or 4 times. I later saw it in both NYC and London, the latter I was in Row D and on the turntable which I never understood the need for. Loved seeing Growltiger's ship flip down and was bummed in London all it was was a big orange crate or something dragged on to represent the s

Favorite Tony Awards Telecast  Jun 14 2020, 01:08:06 PM

2013 ... as it was the first season I'd seen many of the nominated shows and performers before the Tonys. The telecast meant so much more to me since I had seen the shows. 

And not to mention that fun over-the-top opening number with NPH and dozens of actors. 

Susan Egan  Jun 13 2020, 05:05:38 PM

Gorlois said: "Of that era, only Ming Na Wen (Mulan) and ghost singers Lea Salonga and Judy Kuhn buck that trend."

You forgot Demi Moore! :-p 


What Broadway Play Do You Regret Not Seeing?  Jun 13 2020, 04:57:07 PM

I would have liked to see THE NANCE live, but I'm glad it was recorded, and an excellent quality recording by the way. 

And despite the play/musical debate in this thread, for a musical definitely SUNSET BOULEVARD if nothing else to see the stagecraft of the massive mansion set piece rising and lowering. 

Established Show Changes  Jun 7 2020, 01:43:11 PM

I’ve been thinking some future shows will not have intermissions, telling a great story while limiting additional crowding in the lobby. Likewise I wonder if some existing shows will be written to drop intermission. Personally I’d prefer this. Fun Home was a great example of how a show can do this. For some stories it’s better to stay engaged for 140 minutes then have a break right in the middle and need to get back into the action after intermission. 

Really useful group outlines rules for return. No stage door  May 25 2020, 06:40:03 PM

Official stage doors or not, won’t people still be hanging out there? Security may shoo them away but they’ll just stand at the curb, or slightly in the street, and wait. Mega stars like Jackman and Midler will have cars, but what about the mid-level actors who don’t quite qualify for that perk in a contract but still have lots and lots of fans. The stage door barriers at least provide some protection versus an actor leaving the theater and being mobbed while walking home or

Favorite Curtains (/First-Impression Sets)?  May 6 2020, 09:17:44 PM
The PIPPIN revival. I had just seen the Tony’s a few weeks prior so I knew it was coming, but the drop to reveal the actors was great.

Favorite Curtains (/First-Impression Sets)?  May 6 2020, 05:58:40 PM

Phantom is fun when you know how the opera house will be restored to its glory during the overture. No curtain per se unless you count the draping on the proscenium and tarp over the chandelier. 

And the Vegas Spectacular version was memorable to me with the four separate rings of the chandelier seemingly floating in mid-air over the audience before the start. 

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