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So I finally watched Regent Park's Into the Woods...

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Chorus Member | Joined: 3/5/11
...OH MY GOD.... can we please call this the definative production of Into the Woods? Aside from some of the cuts (I'm not a fan of the Hair pulling scene getting cut in half), this was perhaps the most well put together, PERFECT production I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. The creativity that went into it, it was all just so well thought out and absolutely mind blowingly incredible. I LOVED all of the additions/ changes (The Narrator being the Baker's son, Jack and Little Red being onstage during Steps of the Palace, the FULL Children Will Listen). THIS was the revival we should have gotten in 2002. Can this PLEASE transfer next year? I don't care if it's indoors, it's so, so, sooooo PERFECT!!!
Anyone else agree?
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/30/09
It was a fantastic production. If it weren't for a few strange choice (Cinderella with a nose ring? And the narrator is a child but not Little Red and Jack? Although they were both great...) I would say it's better than the original production. If you do a search, you can find the complete raves everybody on here gave the show.
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 3/1/04
I still liked the 2002 revival. So I finally watched Regent Park's Into the Woods...

The end of "Last Midnight" when Vanessa Williams pulled all her hair out was freaky.
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/15/06
Liked the production, wasn't a huge fan of the performances. With rare exceptions (Imelda Staunton, Julia McKenzie, Elaine Paige), I have to say that most British performers don't have a Sondheim sensibility (go ahead and flame me). Hannah Waddingham screamed her way through the role.
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the Narrator being the Baker's son is actually a concept from the original drafts of the show that was addressed directly, now it's only hinted at in the final libretto, but still there - if you notice, in the finale the Baker beings to tell the story to his son and it is the exact same wording used by the Narrator at the top of the show. This particular production just decided to be much more heavy handed in how they treated that fact :P
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I saw it in Regent's Park and did not enjoy it. Partly it was the noise from the surrounding park which was relentless - it was a matinee, never see a matinee in Regent's Park - but mostly it was the show. Not particularly well cast, as someone noted, and very very slow because of all the climbing around the massive set. And I hated the boy narrator. He was bad and the concept was bad.
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 11/4/04
From the pics and clips I've seen, it was rather large. Could it be constructed to fit in the Delacorte?

How does one watch the whole show?
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/30/09
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 1/1/70
Thank God Digital Theatre finally got their system to work overseas. I LOVE LOVE the production, it really was a revelation, however, I would never want it to be the definitive version.
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 11/4/04
Thanks Danny, you're awesome.

From what I see, it looks like it might be terrific at the Delacorte, and they could get kids too.
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 8/12/09
Question, does downloading the show leave you dependent on their player or does it work on others?
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 5/28/05
It does leave you dependent on their player. There are likely ways to get it on to DVD, but those ways would be very round-a-bout. It does ply quite nice on the player though and is well worth it.
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 9/4/06
Okay, granted, I[m just basing this on the trailer, but given that DT expects me to buy based on the trailer...

I dunno, folks. The set is your standard Ming Cho Lee scaffolding and platform, and there feels like there;s something at odds between the genuinely creepy moments and the thin orchestrations. A lot of interesting concepts, but they're not being held together very well.

Just my 0.02.
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Leading Actor | Joined: 2/9/05
When you download it, is it a one time watch only? Or can you re-watch it once you purchase it?
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From the "help" section of the website, the three ways to download:

VOD – Video On Demand

Video on demand offers the greatest convenience for getting access to the Digital Theatre productions. There are no downloads to install and you can begin watching the moment your purchase is complete. VOD is achieved using a technology known as ‘streaming’ (often the two terms are used interchangeably). Our systems automatically let you watch the film as many times as you like for 30 days from the first play.

SD – Standard Definition

Standard Definition is typically what you experience when viewing normal television channels. Our SD films are also downloaded via the Digital Theatre Desktop player. The quality is perfectly suited to watching the plays through a laptop or computer, and will also provide a good viewing experience when watched via a standard television. The files being smaller will download in less time than an HD film.

HD – High Definition

HD offers greater picture quality and sharpness for the premium viewing experience. Our HD films are downloaded via the Digital Theatre Desktop player.

You will be able to view HD quality material if you have a compatible HD television or computer monitor. There is a short film giving an overview of how to connect your computer to a television in the How To section.

Of course the quality of the HD films is reflected in the larger file size which will result in slower download time than standard definition. This is dependant on your internet connection speed.

So the number of times you can watch it depends on which version you buy.