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Whoopi - "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom".  Dec 29 2020, 10:47:14 AM

Whoopi certainly has the chops to deliver a great performance, but that didn't happen here. She played a heightened version of herself and winked to the audience. I thought Dutton, too, was mostly acting the memory of his earlier triumph. A shame, since on paper, the idea of an over-the-hill Levee is potentially compelling.

Whoopi called out often and her standby, Ebony Jo-Ann, was much better in the role. 

Uncle Vanya - Spotlight on Plays - 11.19.2020  Nov 22 2020, 02:44:42 PM

I thought it was awful. No humor, no tension, entirely flat. Samira Wiley was the only person who seemed to be giving any thought to her performance. Constance Wu looked completely checked out whenever she wasn't speaking.

Henry Goodman as Max Bialystock!!! He was goooood!!!  Nov 1 2020, 09:55:52 AM

I saw Goodman in the role. He was good. He probably would have gotten even better if he'd been given time to grow into the role. As others have already said, Goodman wasn't going to give anyone a carbon copy of Nathan Lane's performance -- and that is what the production wanted. If Goodman had been a replacement several years into the show, it might not have been a big deal. But the people coming to see THE PRODUCERS wanted a Nathan Lane performance even if it wasn't actually

Broadway Cast moral code?  Oct 31 2020, 11:47:11 AM

I don't think it's been explicitly mentioned yet, but a morals clause in someone's employment contract is not the same as a no-fraternization policy. They are different things. As others have already mentioned, there is a big difference between a consensual relationship between co-workers and sexual harassment/coercion. 

Consensual relationships can lead to termination or action, of course. Jed Bernstein was forced to resign as president

Who was the best Amanda Wingfield?  Sep 23 2020, 07:25:18 AM

uncageg said: "I have only seen the Cherry Jones production and the night I saw it she was also the weakest in the cast. Really disappointing as I was dying to see her after seeing her in "Doubt". She just chewed up the scenery. (I think I did hear that she had a cold at the time I saw it in January.) Brian J. Smith walked off with the show. But unfortunately Ms Jones' performance seemed to throw the whole evening off. The rest of the cast was fine."


Who was the best Amanda Wingfield?  Sep 18 2020, 09:29:35 AM

I saw the very first preview of the Long Wharf/Roundabout Glass Menagerie, and Judith Ivey was already giving a performance that made it seem like the role of Amanda Wingfield was written for her. Easily the best performance I've seen of the role AND the best performance I've ever seen in any Tennessee Williams play (and I've seen a lot).

Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked  Sep 12 2020, 12:18:07 PM

Chenoweth was at her vocal and comedic peak in WICKED -- in both cases, she's gotten more broad and self-indulgent since. It was a phenomenal performance. I've seen maybe a half-dozen Glindas since, and while most were solid, none has ever come close to equaling her.

Survival Jobs  Sep 7 2020, 10:06:25 AM

I took a full-time childcare position this summer for a family with two small kids. It was a bit exhausting but it paid well. The job ends this week and I'll be filing for unemployment while I look for another gig. Luckily I have money to tide me over and a small savings I can dip into if things get dire. I know a lot of people who've picked up childcare gigs, work at grocery stores, driving for delivery services, some waiters and bartenders, etc. A job's a job when you need money

Best outdoor production you've seen?  Jul 26 2020, 06:05:39 PM

TWELFTH NIGHT with Anne Hathaway, Audra McDonald et al at the Delacorte.

What happened to Jordan Roth?  Jul 24 2020, 10:20:44 AM

Maybe he thought posting pictures of himself lounging around his East Hampton manse in couture wasn't the right look in a moment of national social/political upheaval. 

Heroes of the Fourth Turning  Jul 15 2020, 07:34:38 AM

I hated this play when I first saw it. It feeds on the false narrative that conservatives are a persecuted minority in need of greater empathy. Vomit. And honestly, I find it in incredibly poor taste to bring back a play that essentially boils down to "White Conservative Lives Matter" in this current cultural moment.

What are Female Heavy Plays with a Male Lead?  Jul 14 2020, 07:57:35 AM

Women and Wallace - Jonathan Marc Sherman

Last of the Red Hot Lovers - Neil Simon

The House of Blue Leaves - John Guare

Grissom  Jul 2 2020, 01:21:41 PM

Although Grissom raises certain subjects that merit discussion, I'd say his relationship to the truth seems dubious. Among other things, he claimed on Twitter that his first essay was vetted by a major media outlet with an eye toward publication, but was killed because the outlet depended on theater advertising, and the editor couldn't risk it. As a working journalist, I highly doubt any part of that is true. For one thing, I can't think of a single publication -- even American Th

Anne Hathaway in "Carnival" at Encores!  Jul 2 2020, 09:58:08 AM

Anne Hathaway has been "rumored" for a lot of Broadway productions. It's important to remember that just because someone's name is mentioned in connection with a project doesn't mean they were actually slated to do it. For example, I believe Hathaway said herself that she was never in serious consideration for CABARET.

She did do the early readings of what ended up being the 2010 PROMISES PROMISES revival with Sean Hayes, and probably would have been a lot better

OUR TOWN revival starring Dustin Hoffman; Bartlett Sher directs  Jul 1 2020, 09:26:22 AM

Jordan Catalano said: "I have a feeling that (for a little while at least), some producers are going to care a little bit more about making the absolute most money they can for as little money as possible, over making sure the casting is as diverse as possible.

After reading the stuff about Hoffman last night, this casting does confuse me - but it’s also possible that he’s the biggest name that said “yes” to returning and wanting to do a show/that s

OUR TOWN revival starring Dustin Hoffman; Bartlett Sher directs  Jul 1 2020, 09:10:31 AM

It's as if Scott Rudin challenged himself to come up with the most tone-deaf idea he could, and he really swung for the fences here. 90 year old play starring a white actor with a well-known history of being difficult AND credible accusations of sexual harassment against him. What could go wrong?

Can't wait for the announcement of an all-white cast with like one token POC playing Mrs. Soames or Howie Newsome or some other insignificant part.

Carl Reiner Passes Away At 98  Jun 30 2020, 11:42:24 AM

What a life. And he was still posting lucidly and brilliantly on Twitter as recently as yesterday. May his memory be a blessing.

Recording of JAMES JOYCE'S THE DEAD?  Jun 26 2020, 03:53:19 PM

imeldasturn said: ""Michael Furey" is such a gorgeous song"

Twenty years later, I can still hear the catch in Blair Brown's voice like it was yesterday. "Such eyes he had...big, dark eyes."

Dreamcast: Desiree Armfeldt  Jun 26 2020, 08:36:43 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "AC126748 said: "For years, there were rumors that Desiree would be Emma Thompson's return to the stage. She's a bit old for the part now, but when she was the right age, she would have been perfect. She has the humor and the vulnerability needed for the part."

She's perfect for that part. Perfect.

I don't think Desiree's age is so much the problem (Judi Dench was 61 and Bernadette was 62)

Dreamcast: Desiree Armfeldt  Jun 25 2020, 08:23:32 AM

For years, there were rumors that Desiree would be Emma Thompson's return to the stage. She's a bit old for the part now, but when she was the right age, she would have been perfect. She has the humor and the vulnerability needed for the part.

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