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SEARCH PARTY! at Terrific New Theatre


7/7/2016 - 7/30/2016


Terrific New Theatre

2821 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham,AL 35233

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Phone: 205-328-0868
Running Time: 90 minutes

SEARCH PARTY! in Birmingham

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SPECIAL EVENT at Terrific New Theatre..."Search Party!"

Dolores Hydock is back, one more time, before Carl Stewart retires on July 30. Thirty years of TNT = 25 years of this Dolores/Carl partnership, which includes 17 productions.

In this one-woman show, Dolores and characters Trudy, Crissy, Kate, Brandy, Tina and Susan go searching for God, human connection and signs of intelligent life in a trio of favorite plays from her long theatrical collaboration with director Carl Stewart.

An ACTRESS searches for a connection with an audience.
A VICAR'S WIFE searches for a connection with God.
A bag lady & her alien chums search for a human connection.

COME CONNECT with Carl, Dolores and this bevy of characters as TNT's closes out one chapter of its history and head off on a SEARCH PARTY...for whatever comes next!

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