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CHARLES BUSCH: That Girl/That Boy (one night only) at Terrific New Theatre




Terrific New Theatre

2821 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham,AL 35233

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Phone: 205-328-0868

CHARLES BUSCH: That Girl/That Boy (one night only) in Birmingham

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One night only: "Charles Busch; That Girl/That Boy" - September 23, 2017

The inimitable Charles Busch, two-time MAC Award winner, Tony nominee, and drag legend, brings to Terrific New Theatre an eclectic program of songs both contemporary and from the past.

New York Times critic Stephen Holden wrote, “He has the gift of comic gab like few other entertainers. Innately funny, endearing and acutely intelligent, he also has claws. For an audience, the possibility of being scratched, although remote, lends his humor a bracing edge. ”

Accompanied by his dashing longtime musical director, Tom Judson, Charles combines hilarious personal reminiscence, character sketches and superb storytelling through song into one glittering and glamorous evening in cabaret.

TICKETS are $75 each and include: 6pm cocktail supper and open bar + 8pm show!!
Call 328-0868 to purchase YOUR tickets today!

Brought to you by - - LOUISE and JOHN BEARD

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