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BWW Blog: My Top 5 Most Influential Musical Quotes

What musical theatre has taught me.

BWW Blog: My Top 5 Most Influential Musical Quotes

I can cheerfully say that in my 2020 Wrapped on Spotify, my top genre of music I listened to was Show Tunes. Whether I need a mid-day pick me up or to belt my heart out, there is always a show for me to turn to. What attracts me more than the phenomenal vocals that songs hold, are the words that are sung. Musicals tell stories and what lies deep in those stories are the lessons and teachings of the world that I admire.

I would like to introduce you to some of the most influential musical song quotes that make me the person I am and still strive to be.

#5 "We don't choose who lives or dies." from Heathers: The Musical

As straightforward as this quote is, especially in relation to the events in the show, I believe it possess a more deep-set meaning. This quote highlights the importance of time and how events affect us. I am referring to hardships and troubles in everyday life. As humans, we do not get to choose what happens to us. We must live life one day at a time and we must make the most of it.

#4 "Fairytales should really be updated." from Shrek The Musical

Ever since they were created, fairytales have been the representation that everything will go your way and you will find love and happiness at the end of your journey. The reality is that your journey is never over. It is not wise to grow up focusing on one end goal for your entire life. Things are constantly changing and though times may be rough, the moment you reach happiness will be worth it all again.

#3 "Nice is different than good." from Into The Woods

I like recognizing this quote in terms of personal development. It's inevitable that I come into interaction with someone who I cannot connect with. I find that our personalities do not work well together. I realize I get irritated or disturbed at these people for no reason. They have done nothing to me, but I feel the need to hold a grudge against them, even when they try to be nice to me. Being falsely considerate back to them is not the answer to the problem. I must be high-minded in my thoughts and intentions to be a better person for them as well as myself.

#2 "Love still conquers all." from The Addams Family

Whenever I am down, in an unfavorable mood, or have something bottled up inside; I go to the people I love. I find that talking things out, getting advice, or even just crying on a shoulder can make the most beneficial difference. I can confidently say that the people I love will always be there for me because I reciprocate their kindness, as well as their infinite care and support.

#1 "You're what you own." from Rent

Though I care very deeply about the family and friends around me whom I love with my entire heart, I am an individual who must advance through life with my own thoughts and emotions to guide me. Nobody makes decisions for me; I must make them myself. If something is troubling me, I find a solution. If something makes me happy, I put in the effort to continue that happiness. I live my life one day at a time and it is up to me to make the most of it.

These quotes have taught me so much about the world and the life I live. It was very difficult to pick only five as there are numerous shows and quotes that have taught me so much. I am grateful to be a part of a community that makes stories and art into something extraordinary for people to experience and believe in.

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