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BWW Recap: Kara and Lena Uncover Treason at the Whitehouse In This Week's SUPERGIRL

BWW Recap: Kara and Lena Uncover Treason at the Whitehouse In This Week's SUPERGIRL It's a girls trip as Kara and Lena head to Kasnia to take on Lex while Alex and Kelly continue to bond. Alex gets the call from the adoption agency that she's about to become a mom.

Ben Lockwood bails on his own wife's funeral as his son gives a eulogy, continuing his reign as "Father of the Year." He goes to the DEO to bring Hell on its workers, yelling at them to find out how James got superpowers and ordering them to find Dreamer. With everyone gone from the DEO, Brainy has to step in to deal with Lockwood.

Kara and Lena are hit with a purple lightning storm while Lena's self-flying jet flies them to Kasnia. Lena hops in the pilot's seat to emergency land the plan and Kara mutters "that's gonna be a nope from me." She speeds into her Supergirl disguise and manages to safely land the plane without Lena even noticing.

As the duo investigates Lex's secret lab, they discover that he's been experimenting on aliens.

Alex has 12 hours to decide if she wants to adopt a baby from a 17-year-old mother who's actively in labor. Kara isn't there for Alex to lean on, but she knows her sister would view this as a gift she needs to accept because it's her dream. Kelly helps Alex work through her fears as she reminisces about her childhood and how great of a mom she had. Kelly reminds Alex that she cares too much to fail.

Meanwhile, at Lex's lab, Kara and Lena find Tess in a closet while they discover an armory of weapons against Kryptonians. They conclude that Lex is gearing Kasnia up to invade America while Kara sees Supergirl 2 on-screen. Lena explains that Supergirl must have come into contact with the same material that split Reign from Samantha. Kara is convinced that Red Daughter, what Lex calls Supergirl 2, must have good in her.

Alex gets a call that the mother is in labor, but THE FAMILY convinced the mother to keep the baby.

Lockwood gets ahold of the serum that gave James his powers, but he's stopped from using it when his wife's killer pings on the DEO's radar.

Back in Kasnia, Lena and Kara attempt to flee Lex's self-destructing lab while Kara destroys the photo evidence on the walls. Despite the building set to destruct in four minutes, they still fish for clues, discovering Sarah Walker as Lex's mole stationed in the White House.

Lex gifted Tess with handy ability to replicate herself, which proves useful as she attempts to take on Supergirl. Another Tess stabs Lena on her jet, but the blow is buffered by Kara's voice recorder. Lena mutters "snakes on a plane" when she lands a blow to Tess, knocking her to the floor.

After taking down his wife's killer, Ben tries to take on the entire alien refuge, citing them with harboring a killer. Dreamer and Martian Manhunter step in, with Martian warning him that regimes change and holding him accountable for spreading the fear and mistrust taking over the country.

Kara takes off her glasses, prepared to tell Lena her secret identity, but she puts them back on when Lena admits, with her back turned, that Kara's integrity and friendship is the only thing allowing her to trust again after Tess' betrayal. As an avid Smallville fan, this scene is especially hard to watch. It's partially Clark's secret that drove him so far from Lex that he kept giving in to his darker nature. If Clark were honest, things could have ended differently.

It's hard not to see the same descent with Kara and Lena. If she opens up now, there's a chance to salvage the friendship after the initial hurt wears off, but it's the lying that will ultimately rip them apart because Lena is too smart to keep this secret forever, especially given that Lex knows the truth and has been known to use secrets as a weapon.

Kelly comforts Alex over the loss of the baby, opening up about the women she loved - her old sergeant. "Some people leave indelible marks and you get to wear them as a badge of honor of what you learned from the experience. There are always second chances if you learn to take the leap."

Lockwood's son asks him if it helped to abandon him when he needed him to seek revenge. He blames him for his mother's death. It seems that he's not going to buckle down and submit to the rage of his father.

Kara vows to James that she'll tell Lena after this battle is over, but by that time, it may be too late. If Lena finds out the truth from anyone other than Kara herself, that final nail of betrayal will be hammered and Lena might find herself down the same dark and destructive path as her brother.

Kara goes to the President to report her discovery of the Supergirl clone, the mole, and the impending attack on the United States. The episode ends with his men putting a bag over her head, kidnapping her. As despicable as the President has shown himself to be, this is next-level treason. With just two episodes left this season, Supergirl has her work cut out for her.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

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