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BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL's Reputation is Demolished in 'All About Eve'

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL's Reputation is Demolished in 'All About Eve' "Kal left me here to protect Earth, and I let his arch nemesis slip through my fingers." Ouch. SUPERGIRL is, of course, holding herself accountable for what happened with Lex as she and J'onn take to the skies to search for him. Lena is battered, bruised, and equally blaming herself when Alex finds her otherwise unharmed.

J'onn falls from the sky while hearing his father's voice in his head. SUPERGIRL saves him, but J'onn struggles with the idea of who he is as he finally accepts that he will never be his father.

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, James is ready to go home. When someone drops a tray, he cringes, the sound piercing-turns out giving someone a superhero serum might actually... give them powers. Who knew?

James is adamant that he needs to get back to work to cover the Alien Amnesty Act that everyone seems to have forgotten in the wake of Lex's escape, which was likely Lex's plan all along.

Haley allows Alex to work with SUPERGIRL to catch Lex while the DEO redirects manpower to DC to protect the city from any potential revolts following the Alien Amnesty Act.

J'onn makes contact with his father for guidance and he shows up in a suit in his office, threatening to take the sacred symbols back. He throws around a slew of accusations and disappointment to help J'onn realize who he really is-Martian Manhunter. They don't need to be the same for J'onn to carry on his father's legacy. His father merely wanted J'onn to promote peace, not become him. He leaves J'onn with the tidbit that he is just an extension of J'onns memory and that the answers he's come to were already inside of him.

Lex and James aren't the only humans to get dosed with the serum. Tess' cousin was cured of cancer with the serum, displaying invulnerability to a burning hot plate.

You can tell Eve is irredeemable when she shouts instructions at SUPERGIRL 2 as if someone with an accent can't possibly understand unless they're being yelled at. SUPERGIRL 2 puts her in her place by saying, "I speak better English than you."

Lena and SUPERGIRL have a heart-to-heart when she finds Lena's stash of Harun-El. SUPERGIRL explains that her aversion to the substance isn't an ego thing, but the fear that if her enemies are strengthened and she's weakened, she will lose-and with the weight of the world on her shoulders, she can't afford to that. She ultimately concedes that Lena's experiments were worth the risk for James' survival.

The team finds one of Lex's experiments when they discover that a Kryptonian heart was used to reanimate Otis GRAVES after several failed attempts. Lena holds much of the truth to herself, pretending to be surprised when they find out that Eve shot James, which reveals that Lex was behind the attack.

Kara tells James the truth about who shot him while they tune into a broadcast announcing the official repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act, while they see a glitch of glamour reveal Eve during the broadcast.

Lena pays her mother a visit for the second time, showing her Lex's plan to kill her and Lillian looks like she's going to spill the beans on what she knows (that LEx clearly doesn't want her to know). Self-preservation trumps loyalty in the Luthor family, even for Lena.

Alien protests are underway in DC while James questions Ben Lockwood about his connection with Lex. Tess tricks SUPERGIRL with a hologram, trapping her in a kryptonite suit as SUPERGIRL 2 assumes the real Supergirl's identity and destroys the White House-causing mass pandemonium and chaos. There's no better way to amp up the fear and hatred than warping a hero into a villain. SUPERGIRL 2 flies off as SUPERGIRL breaks free, preventing the world from seeing them together to prove that it wasn't actually Supergirl.

The President trashes Supergirl's name on TV, admonishing aliens for paying their "hospitality" back with violence. He declares Marshall Law and declares SUPERGIRL as Public Enemy Number 1.

Alex denounces the possibility of SUPERGIRL doing this to Haley, who, shockingly agrees. The whole country may be out for blood, but at least the DEO has her back.

James admits to his sister that she was right and he needs help. Kara calls J'onn who is preoccupied flying in a spaceship while Alex and Lena use Supergirl's summoning watch to let her know that they're on her side and will fight for the truth to come out.

This episode is a perfect balance between the arcs of this season. Supergirl has struggled a bit with choosing a focus this year, but the plots came together cohesively in this episode-making it one of the strongest of the season. This is a good sign that now that most of the reveals of the season have passed, the season will end on a strong set of episodes that feature the overall plots instead of chopping them up into character-centric episodes.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until April 21 before we find out what will happen next, though the trailer doesn't look like things will be easy for Supergirl.

Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/ The CW

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