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BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Reveals Her Secret Identity to Someone New in 'Blood Memory'

BWW RECAP: SUPERGIRL Reveals Her Secret Identity to Someone New in 'Blood Memory'"Why does Jeremy look like Hagrid on Steroids?" That's a pretty interesting way to start an episode... Russia's SUPERGIRL clone gets some defibrillator voltage for what looks like a stopped heart, leading to some gnarly purple volts that travel around the globe landing on a stoner's stash of pills because... where else would they land? When a group of your average frat bros come to buy a few, one turns into... an alien? That's a new one, even for Supergirl.

After last week's tragedy of Alex's erased SUPERGIRL memories, she's having trouble remembering Kara's favorite movie. Back when they were growing up, Kara and SUPERGIRL weren't two separate entities. Part of who Kara was growing up with Alex was being from another planet, so every part of her that's tied to where she comes from, Alex won't remember. Memories aren't that cut-and-dry. Saved by her ever-ringing phone, Alex leaves to go deal with the newly turned alien stone who has developed some pretty intense superpowers.

When SUPERGIRL lends a hand, Alex insists that she refer to her as Director Danvers. Ouch. Seriously, though. Missing memories or not, how is it possible for your sister not to recognize you in a cape? #DCLogic.

Kara takes a trip to Nia's hometown of PAathis where inclusion and tolerance are high for a small town. Nia reminisces how aliens and humans coexist and how she faired better transitioning when she was young than she would have if she'd grown up elsewhere. Maeve - Nia's sister - reveals that only one woman per generation receives the gift of telling the future. Nia still hasn't told THE FAMILY yet, but they all assume it will be Maeve, somewhat discounting the fact that Nia is also a woman.

Meanwhile, at the DEO, Alex knows something is off - unable to put her finger on it. Memory wiping doesn't come it without its consequences.

Supergirl spots Children of Liberty in the peaceful town of Parthas, foreboding that the trip may not be as cathartic as Nia remembers.

Nia's mom gets bit by a spider, causing the two women to link up in a dream. She realized that she'd believed the wrong daughter to carry on THE FAMILY all of this time. "Life put you through many trials just to be who you are," are some of the final words Nia will ever hear her mother speak before dies.

The same Children of Liberty Kara spotted in Parthis link up with the drug dealers doling out their Supercharged drugs. Charming how alien haters will accept drugs that temporarily turn them into aliens to go... beat up aliens. Logic is not a friend to speciests, I suppose.

Nia blames herself for not properly decoding the dream that could have saved her mother's life, not having studied the art of dream interpretation like her sister had.

The Children of Liberty set fire to the memorial service, where Nia reveals her powers to Maeve by pushing her away from THE ATTACK before it happens. It's clear that the right sister got the powers when Maeve pushes Nia away and storms off in a hissy fit while Nia risks her life to save the humans and aliens still trapped in the building.

Supergirl being her sister clearly helped mold Alex into who she was. Alex is a lot more gun-happy without her SUPERGIRL memories, leaving SUPERGIRL no choice but to burn the gun out of her hand when she almost killed an alien trying to defend himself during a diffusable situation.

Alex verbally smacks down SUPERGIRL for using force against the Director of the DEO, spouting some rhetoric on the verge of being anti-alien. Can we just take down Healy so Alex can have her powers back? Pretty please?

The sister drama keeps on coming when a very jealous Maeve declares that Nia isn't "a real woman" when she lashes out against her sister for hiding the powers from her. Instead of apologizing for being that vile, she storms off.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kara reveals her secret identity to Nia when Nia insists that Kara could never understand her situation with her sister. Having someone else in-the-know will definitely help SUPERGIRL now that she lost her connection with her sister.

James shuts down one of his reporters following a lead on shady experiments by L-Corp, claiming that everything is on the up-and-up with the FDA without having actually checked into it. This all feels very similar to Lex's spiral toward the "dark side" in Smallville, and it's definitely going to come back to bite James - especially given his romantic entanglement with Lena. The optimist in me wants to believe that Lena won't follow in her brother's footsteps, but the realist knows that the writers probably wouldn't include a Luthor so heavily in the storyline to be BFFs with Kara and James' bae. Fight the darkness, Lena. Fight it.

The episode ends with a foreboding call from Russia calling someone in America about a "problem" as he looms over the unconscious SUPERGIRL clone.

Photo Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

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