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Student Blogger: Annie Petrelli


Student Blog: Favorite Songs Ranked
December 6, 2021

After viewing my Spotify Wrapped, I noticed how much my music tastes changed from the beginning of the year to now. Up until July, I was primarily listening to songs from musical soundtracks, but after that, I began to listen to other styles of music.

Student Blog: Playing Quidditch in College
November 29, 2021

I am not a very big Harry Potter fan. I have never read the books, and only watched bits and pieces of the movies. However, I joined the Quidditch team at my college. I somewhat knew that “muggle quidditch” existed, but never planned on joining it until the organization fair that my college hosted during the first week of school.

Student Blog: Midterms and Musicals
October 18, 2021

This is my first year at college. It can be both exciting and at the same time anxiety-inducing. After finally getting through the fear of move in, a new fear has formed: midterms. While I had semester exams throughout high school, those only accounted for a small portion of my grade.