VIRAL BEAUTY to Tell Romantic Story of Social Media Fame at Winter Film Awards

She wanted a date; she got a million subscribers instead. Viral Beauty is a take on modern day society. First-time director David Tyson Lam, a software developer by day, describes his film as a romantic-tech comedy.

See the New York Premiere of 'Viral Beauty' on Saturday, February 25 at Cinema Village as part of the 6th Annual Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival.

Utilizing their tech backgrounds, Lam and his sister Elizabeth, who wrote the script, use today's social media fast-paced world and fame-obsessed society to portray a modern day yet classic rags-to-riches story, with a twist.

Viral Beauty's main character, Staten Island resident Marsha Day (Casey Killoran), posts a brazen video on an online dating website, stating exactly what she wants in a potential mate.

Unbeknownst to Marsha at the time, her video goes viral when popular video blogger Perez Hilton shares it with his loyal following.

The video creates a wicked troll backlash as people lambast and body shame Marsha for what they believe is her unrealistic request. Marsha does have her fans, however, and she gains a groundswell of support, leading to fame and success. What follows is a celebrity status Marsha never dreamed of, as she is picked up by a bigtime talent manager who helps Marsha develop her own online show, and negotiates mega-sponsorship deals.

Killoran, 29, who dazzles as Marsha, admits to bringing elements of her greener years into her character in order to maximize her role. "There was a lot of me bringing myself into this role," said Killoran, who was 27 at the time of completion of the film. "However, I brought a lot of my younger self into the role, when I was in my early twenties."

Meanwhile, Marsha moves from her working-class neighborhood to swanky digs in Manhattan. The naïve millennial finally lands the relationship she has always envisioned as she meets Will Durham (Mark Junek), a handsome, Ivy League educated fitness entrepreneur.

"We wanted to show her journey from Staten Island to Manhattan," said Lam, whose Viral Beauty is his first feature film. "From very little to a lot." Lam does a great job of weaving the online world with the real world, with Gotham looming in the backdrop, to tell a cautionary tale.

"We really wanted New York City to be in the background," he explained. "We, although it was set online, wanted Marsha to be pictured in the real world. It wouldn't have worked in a smaller city. She had to be situated in the right environment. She needed to be in the right place to show larger, material things."

Viral Beauty, although not delving into an entirely new subject, reminds us of how society builds people up with very little talent, or none at all, into instant stars, just to tear them down even quicker, rendering them into helpless heaps of their former selves.

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