THE LOPSIDED PEOPLE, PRIMA and Short Film Program to Screen with NewFilmmakers NY, 4/30

On Wednesday, April 30th, NewFilmmakers celebrates Edith Stephen's 95th Birthday with her new film THE LOPSIDED PEOPLE as well as the Documentary PRIMA and a Short Film Program.

6:00 PM Documentary Series

Tatyana Bronstein PRIMA (2013, 57 minutes)
Prima is a moving portrait of Larissa Ponomarenko, prima ballerina of the Boston Ballet, who has recently hung up her pointe shoes to pursue new avenues of self-expression. Through flashbacks to her journey from a difficult childhood and rigorous ballet training in Russia to her emergence as the prima ballerina of a leading American ballet company, the film captures Larissa's uniqueness as an artist of many emotional colors.

7:15 PM Special Program

Edith Stephen celebrates her 95th birthday with a new Documentary

Edith Stephen THE LOPSIDED PEOPLE (2014, 60 minutes) For simplicity we will call the left brain more interest in Money and the right brain more interested in the ARTS. How can we create a world that is more balanced and which side are you on?

8:30 PM Short Film Program

Smeralda Abel CUSTOMER #935 (2013, 17 minutes, video) Customer #935 is a short comedy made by first timers Jeanine Flynn (screenwriting), Smeralda Abel (director) and Noel Sutherland (director of photography). Filmed in New York, this film tells the tale of Rebecca, a single NYC actress who attends a Long Island 'Passion Party' as a favor to her friend.

Ben Perron DEATH OF A FRIEND (2014, 3 minutes)
As a teen drives to his friend's grave he recalls the memories they had together.

Jeremy Stewart LAUNDRY DAY (2013, 4 minutes)
'Susanna is cleaning her apartment and doing the laundry. Little does she know one of her socks is trying to get away. It almost escapes but is nabbed by Rex, the vicious guard dog. The sock gets chewed up and dragged to the dog's kennel.

Bernd Porr WHITE ROMEO (2013, 9 minutes)
Kay sexy and inviting wants to share her new passion with the world: White Romeo. She has fallen under this drug's spell. Mesmerised by the drugs effects she can't resist tempting Michael to share her White Romeo trip.

Jacob Beyer RUNNING SKINNY (2013, 11 minutes)
After getting kicked out of their alcoholic boss' work party for bringing beer, Chase and Kelby think their chance of meeting the transfer girls is shot. That is until a argument over Phoebe Cates and Marilyn Monroe.

Etienne Goldet BIRTHDAY CRASHERS (2013, 15 minutes) Two carefree school bus company owners crash birthday parties for the gift bags and free food until one of the duos falls for a single mom and ends the birthday crashing forever.

NewFilmmakers screens at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side at 32 Second Avenue & 2nd Street. NewFilmmakers LA screens at the AT&T Center, 1139 S Hill Street, and has become a leading showcase for new films in Hollywood. Many features screened at NewFilmmakers are now available on NewFilmmakers Online. New York Admission is $6 for the whole evening and tickets are available at the Anthology Box Office the night of screening.

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