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THE FRIDAY SIX: Q&As with Your Favorite Broadway Stars- Katrina Lenk


Welcome to THE FRIDAY SIX: Q&As With Your Favorite Broadway Stars. Want to know what hooked them to a career in the theater? Their dream roles? Their Broadway crushes? Read on!

In this week's edition, we caught up with Katrina Lenk, who is starring as 'Arachne' in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark- currently playing at the Foxwoods Theatre.

What is the first Broadway show you ever saw?

'Twas Titanic, on my first trip to NYC. Turns out that Michael Mulheran, our J. Jonah Jameson, was IN that show. And now get to be in a show with him. That ain't half bad.

What is your most unique pre-show ritual?

I wish I had something really unique to say here, like, I jump around like a monkey or roll around on a pile of coarse sea salt whilst yodeling. Alas. I just do some vocal/physical warmups, and find the trigger to get me in the moment. I find a good yawn is always helpful. Like you are doing right now. Unless, I am forgetting that I actually DO speak-sing all my lines backward to the tune of Havah Nagilah whilst hanging from my feet like a bat.... ?

What is your most memorable "the show must go on" moment?

Ah, yes. It was a high school production of The Jungle Book. I was Sher Khan The Fierce and Powerful Tiger (?!). My first entrance entailEd Galloping onto stage and stunning everyone RAWWWWR and all that. One night, the stage was wet. I galloped fiercely on, and slipped-- like a cartoon-- feet to the heavens-- and fell smack on my back. Silence. The other kids on stage open-mouthed. Staring. Stillness. The sound of laughter rumbling from the audience. Oh the humiliation! Frozen on the floor like a dead bug. Wishing I WAS a dead bug. But that ol' showbiz motto kicked in from god knows where and I leapt up, tore into my "fierce and terrifying" monologue, and hoped if I just carried on, maybe it would erase the holy train wreck that had just transpired. Ha! I don't know if it worked, but the show indeed went on, and after that I was very sure to check the viscosity of the stage.

What is the one role you want to play before you die?

Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, and Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Blanche in Streetcar, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth Rex, anyone opposite Daniel Day Lewis Oops that's more than one.

Who is your Broadway crush?

Spider-man. ALL of them.

Where can people stalk you online?

That is not a comforting question, Broadwayworld. Um.... er... um...Facebook, Twitter.

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