RIALTO CHATTER: Disney Registers PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS Domains, Broadway Possible

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Disney may be gearing up to bring its Peter Pan sequel to the Broadway stage. There have been rumors about Disney bringing dley Pearson and Dave Barry' PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS to Broadway and Disney has fueled that flame by registering numerous PETER AND THE STARCATCHER domain names, stitchkingdom.com is reporting.


Variety has previously reported that Disney may be looking to partner with the New York Theater Workshop to bring STARCATCHERS to an off-Broadway theatre for the 2011 season, but this may mean Disney is planning STARCATCHERS for the Great White Way.

Earlier this year, Disney registered a number of DUMBO and NEWSIES related domain names, encouraging speculation that these shows may also make it to Broadway.

In PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS, Peter and his ragtag group of orphans are placed on the leaky, poorly-run ship known as the "The Never Land," to be deposited on the island of Rundoon. Rundoon is governed by a barbaric king, whose acts of torture and abuse--such as the time he fed his father to his pet snake--are well-known throughout the empire. As the orphans travel the wide seas in a leaky vessel infested with rats, take abuse by the second-in-command, Slank, and are served meals that are still alive and moving, they are not sure if their fate under such a tyrant would be worse than their lot on "The Never Land", or perhaps an improvement. They look to Peter for help.

A play with music adaptation of the book debuted in winter 2009 at La Jolla Playhouse, as part of an arrangement with Disney Theatrical. Disney Theatricals is currently represented on Broadway by Mary Poppins and The Lion King.


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