Midtown International Theatre Festival to Present 100 Plays in 23 Days Starting This Weekend

By: Jul. 12, 2017

The Midtown International Theatre Festival returns for another summer of quality stage works, July 15 - August 6, 2017 at the WorkShop (312 W. 36th Street, NYC). New York's oldest continuing theater festival will present 100 plays in 23 days!

One of the leading reasons to visit New York in the summer is the theater - from Shakespeare in the Park to the best of Broadway. New York is also known for its amazing theater festivals. This year, the venerable Midtown International Theatre Festival takes its place as the oldest continuing summer arts festival in New York. To usher in this honor, producer John Chatterton presents nearly 100 new and fascinating live stage works - plays, musicals, variety acts, short plays, solo projects, and so much more.

Visit www.midtownfestival.org for further information, and scroll down for this year's lineup!


AN AUDIENCE WITH SHURL written and directed by Sue Bevan; starring Sue Bevan. Internationally-touring 4* tragicomedy about loss and the search for meaning. Nominated for Outstanding Performance Award, Prague Fringe! (Solo Show) ; Performance Schedule: Tues 7/25, 6:00pm; Fri 7/28, 7:00pm; Sun 7/30, 2:45pm; Time: 60 minutes

AN ENERGY TALE by Anthony J. Piccione, directed by Holly Payne-Strange; starring Catherine Ashmore Bradley, Ciara McGovern, Idalis Rideout, Nora Lempriere, and Sophie Laruelle. A time-traveling adventure through the potential impacts of climate change. (Children's Theatre)
Performance Schedule: Fri 8/04, 12:00pm; Sat 8/05, 11:00am;
Sun 8/06, 11:00am

BETWEEN PANIC AND DESIRE by Bear Kosik. What would you do if you found yourself between panic and desire? (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Wed 8/02, 6:00pm; Fri 8/04, 8:15pm;
Sun 8/06, 3:30pm

DIFFICULT TRANSITION by Kevin Clancy, directed by Jen Yip; starring Keith Edward Maxwell and Mariana Genesio Pena. Chances. Choices. Coffee. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/17, 6:00pm; Thurs 7/20, 7:15pm; Sat 7/22, 4:45pm

EMMA'S BLISS by Claudia Schreiber, lyrics by Yarina Gurtner, directed by Yarina Gurtner and Christian Scharrer, musical direction by Yarina Gurtner and Lukas Thöni; starring Yarina Gurtner. Live music by Brandon G. Reilly. When facing death... What becomes essential in life? A mystery, a fairy tale, and a love story addressing the controversial theme of euthanasia. (Musical)
Performance Schedule: Wed 8/02, 7:15pm; Fri 8/04, 6:00pm; Sun 8/06, 1:00pm

IAN AND HIS BODY by Michael Ricotta, directed by Bessie Nellis; starring Johnny Travers, Ann Giambrone, and Palmyra Mattner. Ian tries to keep his nose clean and to walk the straight and narrow but his body is a very smooth talker. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/19, 8:30pm; Fri 7/21, 6:00pm; Sun 7/23, 3:30pm

IT TAKES A RAINBOW book and lyrics by Emily Clare Thompson, music by Richard D. Russell, directed by Emily Clare Thompson; starring Frank Ortega and Ronit Horowitz. Seven little lizards leave their safe home to discover the colorful world, learning a valuable lesson to share with the folks back home. (Musical; Children's/Family show)
Performance Schedule: Fri 8/04, 11:00am; Sat 8/05, 12:00pm; Sun 8/06, 12:00pm

LOCKER ROOM TALK: A LIBERAL FANTASY by Jason Paris, directed by Emily Tinawi; starring Jason Paris and Avery Bagenstos. A high school football coach and former player explore what it means to be politically progressive in rural, red-state America, particularly in light of the 2016 election. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/24, 7:15pm; Thurs 7/27, 7:15pm; Sat 7/29, 1:15pm

MAD MEL SAVES THE WORLD book by Gary Morgenstein, music and lyrics by Erich Rausch, directed by Erich Rausch;* starring Michael A. Green, Sage Melcher, Danielle Erin Rhodes,* Nicholas De Sibio, Mary Chesterman,* Malik Conard-Sow, Justin DeSilets, Asami Tsuzuki, Popra Hayakama, Aaron Mor, Nana Tatebayashi, and Jodi Beck.* A madcap intergalactic adventure blending pop, rock, rap music, and even Vogueing choreography, with a healthy dose of political satire. (Musical comedy) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Tues 7/18, 6:30pm; Sat 7/22, 7:00pm; Sun 7/23, 3:00pm

THE GAY NO MORE TELETHON: THE APOLOGY book and lyrics by Michael DiGaetano, music by Albin E. Konopka and Michael DiGaetano, directed by Michael DiGaetano. In 2008, Reverend Vernon Jackson presented "The Gay No More Telethon" on his Religious Broadcasting Network in Lynchburg Virginia, raising forty million dollars to turn as many homosexuals straight by the rapture or the 2014 winter Olympics...whichever came first, but now he is very, very sorry. (Musical) AEA
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/17, 7:30pm; Thurs 7/20, 6:00pm; Sat 7/22, 4:00pm

THE WATER CARRIERS by Michael Williams, directed by Tom Marion; starring Tuka Al Muhaisen, Tramaine Bembury, Eunique Doran, Leah Kesselly, Anita Bennet, Kevin Cauvin, Jabaree Muhammad, Ky'Quana McAllister, Kassandra Rodriguez, Tuquan Clifton Smith, Rasheid Thompson, Christian Mar, Winnie Esther, Jonathan Rodriguez, and Kate Odulukwe. The Water Carriers tells the story of African legends, Sunjata and The Tree of Life, as seen through the turbulent eyes of six refugees stowed away in a shipping container bound for who-knows-where. (Family drama with music)
Performance Schedule: Tues 7/25, 6:00pm; Sat 7/29, 7:15pm; Sun 7/30, 2:00pm

THIS GONNA BE ON THE TEST, MISS? by Ronna Levy, directed by Tyler Spicer; starring Ronna Levy. Welcome to Community College remedial English, where it's my job for the next 12 weeks to teach you what you should've learned over the past 12 years. (Solo Show)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/24, 6:00pm; Thurs 7/27, 8:30pm; Sat 7/29, 2:30pm

WHO ARE YOU? by Simon Chouinard and T. Michael Vest, directed by Richard F. Grasso, musical director Sean P. Pallatroni, assisted by Norris Person; starring Daniel Bender Stern, Eliya Rodeh, Ed Rosini, Noah Reece, Laura Mesrobian, David J. Raposo, and Maximus DeFrancesco. A new original musical about three world-renowned imposters competing for a chance to start over again with a new, guilt-free identity. (Musical)
Performance Schedule: Tues 8/01, 6:00pm; Sat 8/05, 7:00pm; Sun 8/06, 3:00pm

IRTE PRESENTS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STUPID KID! Original concept by Nannette Deasy, directed by Robert Baumgardner; starring Nannette Deasy, Curt Dixon, Michael Hauschild, Jamie Maloney, Connie Perry, and Sam Katz. Jamie McCluskey is turning 12 and you're invited to celebrate THE BIG DAY with games, goodie bags, music, a birthday cake and plenty of mayhem in this improvised and interactive birthday party. (Improvised Theatre)
Performance Schedule: Sat 8/05, 9:30pm

VICKIE PHILLIPS: KEEPING ALIVE THE ARTISTRY OF Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill AND Charles Aznavour. Praised by the New York Times as a "One Woman Room Warmer," and two-time New York Bistro Award Winner for Song Interpretation, Vickie Phillips and music director Gerry Dieffenbach return to encore the magic that won the prestigious Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF 2016) Award for Outstanding Variety Performance. (Cabaret)
Performance Schedule: Fri 8/04, 6:00pm


2 FOR 1 by Anindya De. Sometimes you can rekindle an old flame but sometimes you just get burned. (Comedy) Performance Schedule: Wed 7/19, 7:15pm; Fri 7/21, 8:15pm;
Sun 7/23, 1:00pm; Time: 40 minutes

A MOTHER'S HEART by Daniela Dellavalle, directed by Tania Kass; starring Alice Lussiana Parente, Selamawit Worku and Marianne Goodell. A Mother's Heart" dissects the complex relationship between a daughter and her mother through the lens of a psychiatrist who has to decide the girl's fate. Three women brought together by extreme circumstances. Three women who love and want to be loved. (Drama) Performance Schedule: Wed 7/26, 7:00pm; Fri 7/28, 8:30pm; Sun 7/30, 1:00pm;
Time: 70 minutes

AND THE CROWD GOES WILD written and directed by Gabrielle Christene Harrison; starring Darby Puckett, Giacoma Bonello, Stephanie Ashley Caban, Edgar Eguia, Zachary Steinman, Bianca Roses, Alex Miskin, Tenaz Smith, and Kentrell Loftin. Young Mickey Morris turns to baseball as an escape from a toxic relationship, but what happens when she starts to fall for one of the players instead? (Comedy)
Performance Schedule: Wed 8/02, 6:00pm; Fri 8/04, 7:15pm;
Sun 8/06, 1:30pm

BACK O'TOWN book, music, and lyrics by Erin J. Reifler, directed by DeMone Seraphin, musical director Minhui Lee. A family of three women, two hurricanes, and one community ready to make some noise. (Musical)
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/19, 6:00pm; Fri 7/21, 8:00pm;
Sun 7/23, 12:30pm

BROMANCE-A-RONI by Roberto Ragone, directed by Art Bernal; starring George Papadimatos, Jessica Barrish, Maya Kurokouchi, and Roberto Ragone. What happens when Richie comes over for another routine dinner at Matt's home? Matt realizes Richie's entire future depends on having him relax and loosen up and deliver great jokes. Then you start to wonder who in the room actually has the problem - Richie, Matt, or Annie and Susan? (Comedy)
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/19, 6:00pm; Fri 7/21, 7:00pm;
Sun 7/23, 2:15pm

CARE AND KEEPING OF YOU by Emma Gordon; directed by Kristen Vaganos; starring Sabina Suryo Seo and Emma Gordon. One girl's bloody nightmare may just be her silver lining. (Comedy)
Performance Schedule: Tues 7/18, 8:30pm; Sat 7/22, 6:00pm;
Sun 7/23, 7:00pm

CARLI Anne SonGBYRD BAKER by Julie Hays, directed by Tom Gold; starring Julia DiVergilio, Eve Austin,* Susan McBrien,* Mike Roche,* Maggie Fales, and Pooya Mohseni.* A hilarious, fresh take on mothers and daughters. Marcia needs to 'break up' with Carli Anne Songbyrd Baker, her self-involved daughter, who's not having it! (Comedy) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/24, 8:30pm; Tues 7/25, 7:45pm; Sat 7/29, 9:00pm; Sun 7/30, 4:00pm

CODE ADAM by Mathilda Chua, directed by Renee Yeong and Giacoma Bonello; starring Mathilda Chua and Jeff Athey. A struggling actress and successful doctor explore the intricate web of inescapable love through the deconstruction of their relationship, in all its intermittent virtue and vitality, frailty and fallibility. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/17, 7:15pm; Thurs 7/20, 6:00pm;
Sat 7/22, 3:30pm

FORBIDDEN by Rick Charles Mueller, directed by Tom Hausher and Rick Charles Mueller; starring Kelly Stowell, Rick Charles Mueller and Steven Moity. A writer falls for a younger actor in his play, challenging the definition of 'significant other,' and in the process, bringing his closest friend and partner to her brink. Can love and friendship override lust and the quest for 'youth?' (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/31, 6:00pm; Wed 8/02, 7:30pm; Thurs 8/03, 6:00pm; Sat 8/05, 3:30pm

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH written and directed by Christopher Bayon, musical director Seth Weaver; starring Chris Bayon, Xiaoqing Zhang, Gina Chapman, Michael Brinzer, Alex Talarico, Xander Kozak, Steve Bogosian, Nick Wheeler, Joe Caldarise, April Leonhard, Caddy Finlayson, Alejandro Chapa, and Eve Begelman. West Side Story meets STOMP where musicians are the actors on stage! (Musical/Shakespeare adaptation)
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/26, 8:00pm; Thurs 7/27, 8:00pm; Sat 7/29, 6:00pm

FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS. F. Scott Fitzgerald by Ellen Lindsay, directed by Stephanie Cunningham, musical director Matt Doebler; starring Ellen Lindsay.* When the hidden papers of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald are auctioned for the first time in history, the secrets of the most famous couple of the Jazz Age are revealed. (Drama with Music) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/17, 6:00pm; Thurs 7/20, 7:30pm; Sat 7/22, 5:30pm

GEORGIA O'KEEFFE PAINTS PARADISE book by Tom Dunn, music and lyrics by William Ogmundson, directed by Tom Dunn; starring Mary Armstrong and Rose Kosciuszek. On the eve of WWII famed painter Georgia O'Keeffe escapes from NYC courtesy of the Dole Pineapple Co. to go to Hawaii for a life changing experience and do for the pineapple what she did for the iris. (Musical)
Performance Schedule: Fri 8/04, 9:30pm; Sat 8/05, 4:30pm; Sun 8/06, 6:00pm

HUNGER IN PARADISE by Mary McCallum. Greenwood, Oklahoma-a thriving area of black owned businesses in 1921, is destroyed by its Tulsa neighbors after a proprietor's son becomes involved with a white woman. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/12, 7:30pm; Thurs 7/13, 7:30pm; Fri 7/14, 7:30pm

INTO THE BAYOU MADAME MARIE'S SHOP written and directed by Isobella Caroline Boucher; starring Marlene Villafane, Isobella Caroline Boucher, Robert Lee, and Briahna Dolan. In the Louisiana Bayou, expect more than a hair-cut at Madame Marie's Shop. (Thriller/Mystery)
Performance Schedule: Tues 7/18, 6:00pm; Sat 7/22, 8:30pm; Sun 7/23, 4:30pm

IT'S NOT STAMPED ON YOUR FOREHEAD written and directed by Natasha Cobb; starring Erica Johnson and Adetnuke Adetunji. Forced into therapy after leaving a mental hospital a shattered woman struggles with how to thrive while living with bipolar disorder. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Tues 8/01, 7:45pm; Thurs 8/03, 6:00pm; Sat 8/05, 7:15pm

LOVE AND NOTHING by Kacie Devaney, directed by Stephen Singer,* choreographer Kacie Devaney; starring Julie Voshell,* Kacie Devaney, and Will Marks. Kaitlin and Jeb are in love but they're too afraid to admit it. Their quirky friend Julie loves them both in a kooky kind of way. A play within a play, the three friends rehearse a piece imbued in existential questions related to love and nothing, being and religion. A wacky, dark comedy, including original song and dance. Love and Nothing will make you question your own life and why you're here. (Dark Comedy) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/31, 6:00pm; Thurs 8/03, 8:15pm; Sat 8/05, 3:00pm

ME AND STEPIN' written and performed by Richie McCall, directed by Dathan Williams. A struggling actor journeys through years of side-splitting frustration and disappointment on his way to Broadway and finds his true voice in the unlikeliest of places...the spirit of America's most "dissed" black film actor, Stepin Fetchit. (Solo Show)
Performance Schedule: Thurs 7/27, 9:45pm; Fri 7/28, 10:15pm; Mon 7/31, 8:45pm

MISS ANNE'S PLAN by Anne Pasquale, directed by Sondra Lee; starring Anne Pasquale.* Miss Anne is in pursuit of light laughter and permanent part time employment. (Solo Show) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/31, 7:30pm; Thurs 8/03, 7:00pm; Sat 8/05, 1:45pm

ONE MORE FINE DAY book, music, and lyrics by Caitlyn Waltermire Leonard, music and arrangement by John Davis, directed by Caitlyn Waltermire Leonard; featuring Caleb Leonard, Kelsey Waltermire, and Michael Mau. A darkly comic musical about what's funny and tragic inside of a mental hospital, with several Carpenters references because it's 1974. (Dark Comedy/Musical)
Performance Schedule: Thurs 7/20, 8:45pm; Sun 7/23, 6:30pm; Mon 7/24, 6:30pm

PLATFORM GRIOT by Baindu D. Kalokoh, directed by Pharah Jean-Philippe;* starring Baindu D. Kalokoh. A brazen homeless woman brings fifteen voices to life as she vividly recounts her experiences living on the streets of New York City. (Solo Show) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Tues 8/01, 6:30pm; Sat 8/05, 6:00pm; Sun 8/06, 4:45pm

RAGHS by Sohailla Mahjour, directed and developed by Pati Amoroso; starring Sohailla Mahjour. An Iranian American girl falls in love with an older Iranian cousin. (Solo Show/Dramatic comedy)
Performance Schedule: Tues 7/18, 7:00pm; Sat 7/22, 7:00pm; Sun 7/23, 5:30pm

SELF YELP by Helene Ellford and Emily Thomas, directed by Doug Widick; starring Helene Ellford and Emily Thomas. Self Yelp is a character-based sketch show inspired by Yelp reviews and the people who write them. (Comedy)
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/26, 8:45pm; Sat 7/29, 5:00pm; Sun 7/30, 5:45pm; Tues 8/01, 8:45pm

SHORT CUT by Philip Kushner, directed by Adam Delia; starring Arden Nicoletta and Philip Kushner.* Sometimes sitting in traffic can move a friendship forward. (Comedy) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/26, 6:00pm; Fri 7/28, 6:00pm; Sat 7/29, 6:00pm; Sun 7/30, 6:45pm

SHOWTIME by Krystina Bailey, directed by Glen Quentin; starring Barron Bass, Noel Martinez, Pierre Gonzalez, David Cork, Travis Demetri, and Christin Cato. Three young subway performers make a living from their skills flipping on the train. Today's the day to payback the most dangerous gangster in town, so ladies and gentlemen what time is it? 'SHOWTIME.' (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/31, 8:00pm; Thurs 8/03, 8:00pm; Sat 8/05, 2:00pm

SISTAS ON FIRE: A NEWSICAL by Marcia L. McNair and Anissa D. Moore, directed by AhDream Smith, musical director Natalie Richmond; starring Desi Waters,Tiffany Thompson, Linda Browne, Canitra Billups, Katherine George, and Tiffany Renee Thompson. The personal becomes political when sistas speak their minds on social injustice in a mix of prose, poetry, song and dance. (Musical)
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/19, 8:30pm; Fri 7/21, 6:30pm; Sun 7/23, 5:00pm

THE ANGELS WILL LET YOU FALL written and directed by Lizzy May, Heather Coates, and Sarah Dunnavant; starring Jessie Epstein, Aniyah Allen, Marlena Ball, Francesca Bonifacio, Chloe Cucinotta, Dale Erwin, Jerome Hicks, Olivia Nielsen and Kyla Parker. A girl is left shaken by the untimely death of her friend. Navigating her grief, she demands answers from heavenly bodies. Conceived and performed by an ensemble of Chicago Public School high school students and Chicago-based artists. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Thurs 7/27, 6:30pm; Fri 7/28, 6:00pm; Sat 7/29, 2:45pm

THE BET book by Tony Sportiello, music and lyrics by David Wolfson, directed by Tom Herman; starring Dana Aber* and Spencer Plachy.* A wager between two angels where the stakes are the fate of the world. (Musical) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Wed 7/26, 6:00pm; Fri 7/28, 7:15pm; Sat 7/29, 4:00pm

THE PRINCESS, THE COW, AND THE CORN MAZE written and directed by Michael Mackenzie Wills, musical director C. Colby Sachs; starring Matt Haas, Erik Jonathan Shuler, and Kally Deep. A lost Princess meets a cow named Cow who helps her find her way home; she learns several lessons about being a better person while on their journey. (Children's Musical)
Performance Schedule: Fri 7/21, 11:30am; Sat 7/22, 12:00pm; Sun 7/23, 11:00am

UNTITLED TIME by Jeffrey Schmelkin, directed by Sean O'Shea, musical direction by Christopher Thomas Emery and Jeffrey Schmelkin; starring Ryan Hudzik, Michaela Vivona, Andrea Levinsky, and Abby Kress. Sometimes the answer we don't want to hear is the answer that will save us; in his silence, can you hear him? This show shares an important message regarding life and the choices we make when we hit ouR Lowest points and how our decisions impact those around us. - Sean O'Shea. (Contemporary Musical Theatre)
Performance Schedule: Tues 8/01, 8:30pm; Sat 8/05, 5:30pm; Sun 8/06, 5:30pm

UNTOLD by Gina Hughes, directed by Cary Farrow IV; starring Gina Hughes. From the heart of abuse survivor Gina Hughes comes UNTOLD, a provocative one-woman show that's savagely honest, unabashedly sexy, often horrific, and thoroughly entertaining, all inspired by the tragic and sometimes triumphant stories of real women and their actual encounters with the sordid sides of love. (One-Woman Show / Comedy-Drama)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/24, 8:30pm; Thurs 7/27, 6:00pm; Sat 7/29, 3:45pm

WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH DAWN? written and directed by Pamela L. Robbins; Steven Ackerman, Michal Birnbaum, Eliyahu Kheel, Haley Klausmeyer, David Mackler, James Martenelli, Sonya Rice, and Laurie Sammeth. Troubles escalate when the Orange Box Theatre - a brand-new Production Company specializing in musicals - receives a prospective member who can't sing, can't dance, and worst of all, won't leave. (Comedic Drama)
Performance Schedule: Mon 7/17, 8:30pm; Thurs 7/20, 8:30pm; Sat 7/22, 2:30pm

WHY I KILLED MY MOTHER by Dor Zweigenbom, directed by Hanoch Reim; starring Dor Zweigenbom. An autobiographical story of a mother son relationship. Even after the climax of the story, when Dor's mother asks him to kill her because she is bedridden from an incurable illness, humor is the main force helping him to overcome the pain. (Physical theatre/puppetry/storytelling)
Performance Schedule: Tues 7/25, 7:30pm; Sat 7/29, 7:00pm; Sun 7/30, 4:15pm

OMAR FRANCO: ALLURE OF OLUSION Encounter the reality of Illusionist Omar Olusion's charismatic, comedic persona as he gets intimate with your sense of Wonder! (Magic)
Performance Schedule: Sat 7/29, 9:45pm

DEREK HOOD: SINGING STANDARDS AND MORE Derek Hood sings songs, 'Old Standards' from the American Songbook. Originally from Detroit, he made his way to New York with a song in his heart. He is the recipient of the 'Dakota Staton Vocal Jazz Award from The Jazz Center Of New York.' (Cabaret)
Performance Schedule: Sat 7/29, 8:30pm

JUSTYNA KOSTEK AND Oliver Conant: DIETRICH RIDES AGAIN directed by Oliver Conant, musical direction by Jono Mainelli, choreography Madeline Jaye; featuring Justyna Kostek as Marlene Dietrich. A new musical about a woman who mattered on the 25th anniversary of her death. (Cabaret)
Performance Schedule: Fri 8/04, 8:45pm

IRTE PRESENTS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STUPID KID! Original concept by Nannette Deasy, directed by Robert Baumgardner; starring Nannette Deasy, Curt Dixon, Michael Hauschild, Jamie Maloney, Connie Perry, and Sam Katz. Jamie McCluskey is turning 12 and you're invited to celebrate THE BIG DAY with games, goodie bags, music, a birthday cake and plenty of mayhem in this improvised and interactive birthday party. (Improvised Theatre)
Performance Schedule: Sat 8/05, 9:30pm

DIANA ARNOLD: ON THE TABLE directed by Daniel Adams. Come hear what the best waitress in New York City has to say-without having to tip. (Solo, Comedy/Poetry/Memoir)
Performance Schedule: Fri 7/21, 9:30pm

ELLEN ORCHID:* PUNCHLINE AND PROZAC directed by Eddie Lew. (Standup) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Fri 7/28, 9:15pm

JUSTIN CHEVALIER. THE ART OF SILENCE: A TRIBUTE TO Marcel Marceau Directed by Emilio Maxwell Cerci. (Mime)
Performance Schedule: Sat 7/22, 9:00pm

MIRANDA JONTE: GOOD AND KISSED How a chance romantic encounter in South Carolina opened up a hurting New Yorker's heart. (Storytelling) AEA
Performance Schedule: Thurs 7/13, 8:00pm; Fri 7/14, 8:00pm

STEVEN MEEKER, JR: VERY STRONG LIKING Starring Catherine Crawford and Steven Meeker Jr., with Brittany Baltay, Jessica Toltzis, and Doug Reitsma. Catherine, a talented ballerina, and Shawn, an overweight mime, share a love of ballet and secrets that in the span of one crazy day will change their lives forever. (Mime)
Performance Schedule: Sat 8/05, 8:15pm

VICKIE PHILLIPS: KEEPING ALIVE THE ARTISTRY OF Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill AND Charles Aznavour. Praised by the New York Times as a "One Woman Room Warmer," and two-time New York Bistro Award Winner for Song Interpretation, Vickie Phillips and music director Gerry Dieffenbach return to encore the magic that won the prestigious Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF 2016) Award for Outstanding Variety Performance. (Cabaret)
Performance Schedule: Fri 8/04, 6:00pm

ZAK KELLEY: WAKE UP, LITTLE FAG! Jason is a "fresh gay" in New York City, and boy, is he being culturally shocked. He's newly single, he's never left his hometown, and is looking to have a good time. Well, until he meets Simon. Now, he's just looking for a dark room and some coke. (Solo Show)
Performance Schedule: Sat 7/22, 9:30pm


A MASSACRE by Katrin Arefy, directed by Jan Paulo Musni and Tana Sirois; starring Ann Herberger, Shelley Valfer, Mark Singer, Caitlin Nasema Cassidy, and Joe Galen. Written in a surreal manner A Massacre becomes just another subject for petty conversation. (Surreal)
Performance Schedule: Fri 7/21, 4:00pm

DAVID AND GOLIATH! written by Ricky Dunlop; starring Michael Lorz* and Pamela Bob.* In this over-the-top comedy, Academy Award-winning actress Amelia Hall is a paranoid, self-medicating divorcee desperately trying to survive Hollywood with the help of her fabulous assistant Nicholas. (Comedy) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Fri 7/28, 3:00pm

SAILOR by Mariagrazia De Luca and Elle Sunman, directed by Marc Scott; starring John Elder, Elena Kopaleichvili, Jonathan Iglesias, Erika Smith, Priscilla Flores, Vincent Torres, Mario Cano, Ivan Forte, Luca Manganaro, and Antonio Barbagallo. Following her dream of becoming a novelist, Sofi, an Italian woman in her 30's, comes to New York City but here she faces the harsh reality of the immigrant's life and to make ends meet she gets a job in the Italian restaurant where she meets her love interest Mexican ex-gangster turned dishwasher, Juan.
Performance Schedule: Wed 8/02, 2:00pm; Fri 8/04, 2:00pm

SECOND BANANA by John Saffron. Starring John Saffron & The Saffronics. Musical Director/Keyboard: Jeremy Beck. Singers: Heather Corrigan* and Lana Neuman.* With Jacob Heimer.* Percussion: Rosa Avila. The musical tale of a man's relationship with his imaginary friend, who hates him. (Musical) *AEA. Performance Schedule: Mon 7/17, 2:00pm; Wed 7/19, 2:00pm; Fri 7/21, 2:00pm

THE AV CREW by Joseph Cirillo III, directed by Ali Jamali; starring Adis Halilovic, Leysan Timirboulatova, Rebecca Wei Hsieh, Ryan Dobrin, and Tianxin Shi. The AV Crew tells the story of three college students with a love of computers and a distrust of authority. Their daily lives may seem mundane and repetitive, but when a hacker threatens to release a powerful virus onto the campus computer network, it's a race against time for them to save the day. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Fri 7/28, 2:00pm

THE RED WOOL by Jeremy Kareken, directed by Caroline Wood; starring Greg Kotis, Colleen Werthmann,* Sarah Koenig, Sean Crespo, and Stephen Dexter.* Featuring Curtis Watts on Percussion. 900BC Assyria. A mostly true parable of a great empire's illiterate king whose name isn't Donald Trump. Content advisory: graphic sexuality, implied violence, bad poetry. (Political Satire) *AEA
Performance Schedule: Fri 8/04, 3:00pm

WHEN BLOOD RAN RED by Ben Gonshor, directed by Bryna Wasserman. When Blood Ran Red is a drama that tells the true story of the great African- American actor, singer, civil rights activist, Paul Robeson, who befriended leading Soviet Jews during WWII. Sadly, when the war ended, and the allies became Cold War enemies the friendships became liabilities and circumstances led to dire consequences. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Thurs 8/03, 3:00pm

Short Play Lab!
July 15 - 16, 2017

PROGRAM A MAINSTAGE - Sat 7:00pm and Sun 4:30pm

Speed Court written and directed by Janet Conroy-Quirk and Sean Kerr; starring Janet Conroy-Quirk, Joshua Fulton, Nic Gomes, Sean Kerr, Kevin Magee, and Lucie Tripon. In the year 2055, the "right to a speedy trial" has a very different meaning. This real-time courtroom drama follows the story of one case, and the first day of a dark, new world. Justice Will Be Swift.

Symptoms by John Ladd, directed by Karla Denise Moore; starring Dale Davidson. It used to be said that "...a little knowledge is a dangerous thing..." but in Symptoms, we will discover that "...a lot of knowledge can be a deadly thing...

Do You Understand What I'm Trying to Say by Howard Margulies, directed by David Leeper; starring Olivia Buckley and Howard Margulies. Jack and Belle vowed that their marriage would last until death did them part. One evening, Jack comes to realize that marriage vows aren't necessarily set in stone.

Trumpettes Anonymous by Rex McGregor, directed by Alice Camarota; starring Janie Steele, Aimee Thrasher, Sarah Hewitt, Brie Brewer, and Lexie Marceron. Five women have formed a support group for recovering Trump voters. At tonight's meeting one of them makes a surprise announcement.

Joseph Receives Unsettling News written and directed by Rick Davis; starring Tom Colechin, Marian Thibodeau, and David Barney. The eternal triangle: Mary, Joseph, God (yikes).

Savior In A Satchel by Marcus Soman, directed by Elizabeth Audley; starring Kalen Rae Garnett, Amanda Nichols, and Alex Pappas. Dina and Lucy find a lost handbag, whose unusual contents turn out to be quite miraculous.

A House of One's Own: ElizaBeth Bishop in Key West by Malcolm Willison, directed by Traci Bargen; starring Megan Ghorashy. ElizaBeth Bishop (a U.S. Poet Laureate awarded numerous prizes and awards) spent a number of years in her late twenties and early thirties in Key West, where she had a house she loved. But she suffered increasingly from asthma, failed love affairs, loneliness, depression, alcoholism, and writer's block. In ten minutes, find out how she got through all these to emerge as a preeminent American poet.

Hitler's Mother written and directed by Burt Swartz; starring Burt Swartz. How could anyone defend Hitler. We found someone.

The Rise And Fall of Lucifer written and directed by Renee McNeil; starring Robert Bryson, Chelsea Clark, Alessio Araujo, and Angelo Mercado. Before man, there was an angel and his name was called Lucifer.

Blood written and directed by Yael Haskal; starring Brenda Crawley and Maria Loraine. Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water. A young woman with a rare blood type must make the ultimate donation decision: life or death for her abusive father.

PROGRAM B MAIN STAGE - Sat 9:00pm and Sun 2:30pm

Meeting Terry Gross written and directed by John Chatterton, starring John Chatterton and Nancy Redman. Seventy-year-old gay porn star Sumner Callahan (named for the Boston tunnels), aka the Chubby Bottom Dad, lands a coveted interview on NPR's "Fresh Air."

We All Begin Again by Cayenne Douglass, directed by Benjamin Abraham; starring Stephanie Miller and Timothy French. Ralph helps Isabelle come to terms with the death of her body as she struggles to learn that letting go is essential to all forms of transformation.

Australia's Oldest Woman by Kieran Carroll, directed by Timothy McCown Reynolds; starring Clara Pagone and Timothy McCown Reynolds. Australia's Oldest Woman is 124, single, banned from nightclubs and looking for love online with men over 100!

Hair Ye, Hair Ye.... written and directed by Baindu D. Kalokoh; starring Leilani Rosine and Baindu D. Kalokoh. A charismatic woman comically reflects upon the (mis)perceptions of her afro-textured hair.

God Bless Phyllis Schlafly by Amy Drake. Bring a scorecard as two career women tally up wins and losses of the women's movement in America.

The Insemination Game written and directed by Brian Scanlan; starring Sara Parcesepe and Joseph Dalfonso. A couple tries to get pregnant. Hijinx ensue.

Baby Blue written and directed by Steven Carinci; starring David Carlson, Nathaniel D'Domenicus, and Dylan Wayne. How much are the eyeballs in the window?

Once by Anna Smith, directed by Kelly Lamanna; starring JosH. Coleman, Heather Lawson, and Hayden Stearns. friend's death reveals a sordid affair.

Phone Friend by Jonathan Josephson, directed by Jonathan Schlieman; starring Michael T. Brown and Hannah Karpenko. A wrong number in the middle of the night forges an unusual friendship... and a tortuous hurt.

Food That's Not From A Can by Olivia Reevell, directed by Jay Gulotta; starring Sam Ogilvie and Chris Fennell. This is the end. And where else would you want to be but right here in your bed?

PROGRAM A JEWEL BOX - Sat 6:30pm and Sun 4:00pm

Reminiscences by Laura Warfield, directed by Rosemary Foley; starring Karen Randazzo, Tracey Marble, and Elayne Mordoff. 3 sisters squirt the dirt on mom.

P-Murt by Marjorie Conn, directed by Shela Xoregos; starring Andrew Cooksey and Marjorie Conn. An existential play in which 2 people are questioning existence and searching for expression.

Exhuming Oneself by Charles Finesilver, directed by Frank Thompson; starring Frank Thompson and Laurel Posey. From his parking lot grave did King Richard IIIrd rise, much to our discontent- but not to worry, it was short-lived.

Bella Napoli by Steve Gold, directed by Justin Gallagher; starring Shir Misan and Chris Rand. Two lonely people, one glorious town.

I Don't Know by James McLindon, directed by Ann Cooley; starring Gordon Penn, Fang Du, Tiffany Small Henderson, Amy Miyako Williams, and Andres Santiago Pina. An old-school drill sergeant takes his new recruits for a cadence-singing run ... straight into a brave new world of political correctness.

Medusa by William K Hugel, directed and choreographed by Kelsey Head; starring Margaret Elizabeth Mann, Song Ravinan, and Kerry Blu. A play about the inevitable rise of the Powerful Woman.

Soul Mates written and directed by Suzann Capra; starring Carole Boniece and Carol Beaugard. "Breaking News": Proof discovered on how to find a Soul Mate.

Who Knew This Dating Thing Was So Hard? written and directed by Josiah Mullins; starring Alex Harris, Josiah Mullins, and Madeline Seagle. Have you ever had that moment where you wish you could share your relationship problems with someone? Tim and Patty have some talking to do.

Leaving Home written and directed by Jon Kakaley; starring Alex Carmine, Ellen Karis, Ben Levine, and Dean Waters. A young man leaves a devout Christian home to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

Blackout written and directed by Lora Danley; starring Nick Daly and Zane Michael Powell. A city-wide power outage forces Jeremy and Tyler to confront the current state of their relationship.

PROGRAM B JEWEL BOX - Sat 8:30pm and Sun 2:00pm

Inventing Facebook by John Pastore, directed by Peter D. Michael; starring Peter D. Michael and Bryce Alvord. A young entrepreneur pitches a seemingly bizarre concept for a website to a potential backer.

Jumper by Kimberly Alu, directed by Tom Colarusso; starring Kimberly Alu and Brian Ish. Distraught over a recent breakup, Abigail goes to the Brooklyn Bridge to jump but finds herself stalled by a homeless man wanting to chat.

Soft Landing written and directed by Dorothy Lyman; starring Lynn Small, Judy Durning, Gretchen Allison, and Jim Zukowski. Joyce and Siobhan want to fly to the Moon. Who's stopping them?

Dear Departing by Francis Zucarello, directed by Lars Gerhard; starring Natalia Zvereva and Wendy Mae Shelton. An elderly woman, in a coma and near death, receives a final visit from her estranged but unapologetic daughter, yet the mother manages the last word.

Kamasutra by Tom Coash, directed by Michael Rizzi; starring Jill Mary Goodrich and Bob Leonard.The question of sex raises its head when Doris and Harold, a nice older couple from Hackensack, visit the Chandela Temples in India, famous (or infamous) for their erotic carvings celebrating the KAMASUTRA religious rituals. Amidst the highly suggestive surroundings, Doris and Harold reexamine their love and marriage.

Mystery In White written and directed by Howard Lipson; starring Dick Nagle and David Sevensky. The future awaits. Is the spirit willing?

Rooftop by Kushal Dhungana, directed by Kushal Dhungana and Pharaoh Knighton; starring Pilar Martinez and John Pigate. It's a quiet night on the rooftop; the perfect place for a couple to reflect on past marriages, lost love, and the pain in their lives.

Battleground by Barbara Bennion, directed by Howard Lipson; starring Joe Niola and David Sevensky. Hold on to your seats. The battle is about to begin.

First 100 Days by Renée Baillargeon, directed by Melinda Jean Ferraraccio; starring Marcus Jones and Ashley Krysinski. As resident Salt and Pepper shakers in the white house dining room, Saul and Pep share their perspectives regarding the shenanigans of this presidency's first 100 days.

So, The Bunny written and directed by AdeRonke Adeyemi; starring Quint Latimer. It's hot. It's the Summer of 97. Social butterfly So, chats up a friend at a festival honoring a beloved musician and finds it more triggering than expected.


New York City Now Back in CDCs High-Risk Category for COVID Spread Photo
New York City Now Back in CDC's High-Risk Category for COVID Spread

All five New York City boroughs of are back in the CDC's high-risk category for COVID community spread. The current strain of the omicron variant of COVID is being called the 'worst version.' 

Broadway’s Mask and Vaccination Policy Continues Through April Photo
Broadway’s Mask and Vaccination Policy Continues Through April

The Broadway League announced today that the owners and operators of all 41 Broadway theatres in New York City will continue to uphold current mask and vaccine requirements through April 30, 2022.



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